Image of a patient inside of a scanner.

Facilities and Technology

Hollings Cancer Center


The Department of Radiation Oncology has two physical locations in the Charleston area. In addition, we staff a remote community-based center with a physician and physicist further north. The downtown campus is located in two separate buildings adjacent to each other.

Located in the main hospital are the faculty offices, three patient exam rooms, a Gamma Knife Perfexion, a Varian TrueBeam STx with a 6 DOF table, OBI with the advanced imaging package, RPM, OSMS. Also in this location is a Varian 600C whose vault also serves as our HDR brachytherapy treatment room.

Next door in Hollings Cancer Center the department has seven exam rooms, a Siemens Somatom Confidence RT Pro dual-energy, wide-bore CT scanner, a large dosimetry/physics planning area, Tomotherapy, and a Varian TrueBeam with a 6 DOF table, RPM and OSMS. The resident workroom is also located in this area.

Approximately 10 miles to the north is our local satellite treatment center with four exam rooms, a Varian TrueBeam with a 6 DOF table and OSMS and another Siemens Somatom Confidence CT scanner. There is also a conference room, dosimetry room, and three faculty offices.

Finally, approximately 52 miles further north, we provide a radiation oncologist and physicist to the Francis B. Ford Cancer Treatment Center, a part of the Tidelands Health System. This facility has a Varian iX accelerator and a GE 8 slice wide bore CT scanner. Due to the long distance from the main campus, this site is not included in the residency program.


The Department of Radiation Oncology has a wide variety of modern technology enabling us to treat our patients with leading edge techniques, participate in clinical trials and perform innovative research. Please explore the various options in treatment machines, treatment planning and physics equipment.

Physics QA Equipment & Software

  • IBA Wellhoffer
    • Blue Phantom 2
    • MatriXX2
  • Sun Nuclear
    • MapCheck 2
    • Daily QA3
    • Tomodose
    • 1D Scanner with PC electrometer
    • ArcCheck
  • Landauer MicroStar OSL system 2
  • Mobius DOSELAB, Mobius3D, MobiusFX
  • Various ion chambers, diodes, electrometers
  • MUCheck
  • RIT Film Dosimetry System 6.2

Treatment Planning & Simulation

  • Siemens Somatom Confidence RT Pro CT Simulator
  • Varian Eclipse with RapidPlan 
  • Varian ARIA
  • Tomotherapy Planning with VOLO
  • Elekta GammaPlan
  • Velocity Al
  • Elekta Oncentra brachytherapy
  • Varian Variseed with Bard Quick Link

Treatment Machines & Delivery Systems

  • 3 Varian TrueBeam linear accelerators
    • OBI
    • Advanced imaging package
    • RapidArc
    • Optical surface monitoring system (OSMS)
    • RPM
    • PerfectPitch 6DOF couch tops
    • HDMLC 
  • Varian 600C (dedicated for TBI)
  • Tomotherapy
  • Gamma Knife Perfexion
  • Elekta Flexitron brachytherapy delivery system with advanced CT and MRI-compatible applicators

Animal Irradiator

  • Precision X-Ray X-Rad 320