Ravi Veeraswamy MD

Dr. Ravi Veeraswamy meeting with a member of his staff in his office.

Ravi Veeraswamy, M.D. was named the inaugural chair-holder of the Elliott-Robison Endowed Chair in Vascular Surgery. An endowed chair is the highest academic award that the University can bestow on a faculty member, and it lasts as long as the University exists. Thus, it is an honor to the recipient, a legacy for those for whom the Chair is named, and an enduring tribute to the donors who helped establish it.

Dr. Veeraswamy is Professor of Surgery and Chief in the Division of Vascular Surgery, where he leads a talented surgical team at one of the highest volume aortic centers in the country.  The division of vascular surgery is deeply committed to improving patient care through surgical innovation and discovery.

“In academic medicine, it is exceptionally challenging to find resources to support our scientific endeavors,” said Dr. Veeraswamy. “Philanthropic gifts such as Endowed Chairs significantly enable us to advance  medicine and ultimately improve patient’s lives.”  

The division currently has several research projects that are supported by the endowment. “We are using artificial intelligence to help identify patients at risk of stoke from their carotid arteries. In addition, we are exploring ways to identify patients with peripheral arterial disease much earlier in their disease process so we can help save their limbs from being amputated,” explained Dr. Veeraswamy. “These are significant public health issues in South Carolina that ultimately not only affects the individual patient, but the ability of our state to compete economically by having an able and capable workforce.”

It is through the generous philanthropic donors that support the endowment that make the future of vascular surgery at MUSC bright. A future only made possible by the strong foundation built on the vision of vascular surgeons Bruce Elliott, M.D. and Jacob “Jay” Robison, M.D. whose combined 60+ years of dedicated service to MUSC laid the groundwork for the division that exists today. Working together with a vision to bring modern vascular surgery to MUSC, they built a nationally recognized Division of Vascular Surgery and were instrumental in the creation of the country’s first RRC accredited integrated vascular residency programs. “When I joined MUSC, it was already a high-functioning, high-quality program,” he said. “It allowed me to take the baton and run with it. As we continue to build on this strong foundation, philanthropy is a critical part of our growth.”

The Elliott-Robison Endowed Chair in Vascular Surgery was created with generous support from the Joukowsky Family Foundation, the Department of Surgery, members of the MUSC Heart and Vascular Board of Directors, grateful patients, and MUSC faculty including Dr. Elliott and Dr. Robison.

To all the donors who support the Endowed Chair, Dr. Veeraswamy expresses deep gratitude. “Our promise to you is to give you the best return on your investment through good stewardship and improved patient care.”