Conferences and Education

The Division of Vascular Surgery at MUSC is dedicated to well-rounded resident education and as such, has established a robust didactic education program to complement the hands-on clinical training.


Tuesday mornings – One hour session which rotates between general surgery M&M, vascular surgery resident research updates, VQI and vascular surgery journal club.

One hour basic science session which covers all topics recommended by the APDVS. Formal educational sessions on vascular ultrasound interpretation are also incorporated. A representative monthly schedule is displayed below.

Wednesday mornings – One hour and a half case conference.

Thursday mornings – One hour session for patient case conference with Dr. Brothers at the VA.

Simulation sessions are held quarterly with Dr. Wooster covering a wide array of vascular surgical topics such as anastomoses, endografts, peripheral stents, IVC filters, and percutaneous closure devices.

VSITE Preparation

Vascular Integrated Residents at MUSC have access to a shared VESAP account to utilize in preparation for annual VSITE exams and the Vascular Surgery Qualifying Board Exam.

Duty Hours

The Vascular Integrated Residency at MUSC complies with all ACGME-mandated work hour restrictions.

100% Board Exam Pass Rates

All graduates from the vascular surgery integrated residency program have passed the Board on their first attempt.