New Solution Better Outcomes

MUSC Transplant Program, the only solid organ transplant center in South Carolina, recently partnered with Sharing Hope, SC, the Organ Procurement Organization for the state of SC, to improve outcomes for patients in need of organs.  

“Recent changes in the methods for organ allocation have increased the complexity and distance traveled to recover organs,” said Daniel Stanton, division of Transplant Surgery Integrated Center of Clinical Excellence administrator. “These changes add time necessary to complete the procurement of organs, which has a negative impact on the overall outcome of these grafts once transplanted.  We needed to find a better solution.” 

The novel approach includes transferring organ donor patients to MUSC from an external hospital. Often times, trauma happens in the middle of the night in remote areas of the state. The new protocol of transferring patients to MUSC is safer. It also provides a better outcome for the recipient since MUSC has the highest level of care for organ donation. 

“We have the equipment and the staff,” said Stanton. “We have more organ donors here than most other South Carolina hospitals, and therefore we are more experienced to care for these donors.”

In fact, studies show that donors who are managed at high volume centers like MUSC have better outcomes and a higher yield, providing more opportunities to save lives. It also provides an opportunity to honor the donor. MUSC has an honor walk, a way for staff to show their support for an organ donor and his or her family during an incredibly difficult time. 

“Staff line the hallway in silent tribute as nurses and doctors transport the donor from the ICU to the operating room,” said Stanton. “It means a lot to us and more importantly to the donor’s family.”