Artificial Intelligence

Acute Care, Trauma, Burn, Surgical Critical Care Research Faculty

Bruce Crookes MD 

Mentor: Bruce Crookes M.D.

Keywords: Clinical Research, Quality Improvement, Wellness, Entrepreneurship

Research Interests: My research involves around QI and basic science (particularly VTE).

Evert Eriksson MD 

Mentor: Evert Eriksson, M.D.

Keywords: Clinical Research

Research Interests: I am involved with clinical research initiatives looking at trauma care as well as ICU care.  I have a particular interest in coagulation, neurotrauma, and thoracic trauma.

Heather Evans MD 

Mentor: Heather Evans, M.D. MS

Keywords: Clinical Research

Research Interests:  The focus of my research program is surgical infections including intra-abdominal infections, soft-tissue infections and healthcare associated infections. For the past 5 years, I have focused on leveraging patient generated health data to improve our detection, monitoring and reporting of surgical site infection (SSI). 

Yulia Gavrilova 

Mentor: Yulia Gavrilova, Ph.D. 

Keywords: Clinical Research

Research Interest: My research initiatives are being shaped currently as the burn behavioral health program is developing.

Ashley Hink MD MPH 

Mentor: Ashley Hink, M.D. MPH

Keywords: Public Health, Injury Prevention

Research Interests: I am working on a large multi-center study assessing risk factors for non-fatal firearm injuries, and will also be performing in depth analysis on patients treated at MUSC to identify leading modifiable risk factors and intervention opportunities. In addition, I will be performing outcomes evaluation of our hospital and community violence intervention programs. I have an additional project that will examine the incidence of adverse social determinants of health in the burn and trauma populations, their associations with poor outcomes and intervention opportunities. 

Dr. Ozhathil, M.D. 

Mentor: Deepak K. Ozhathil, M.D.

Keywords: Basic Science and Translational Research, Clinical Research, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Research Interests: I have two research interests. The first is retrospective research using large datasets to answer meaningful questions. These studies are for residents and medical students who are relatively new to research and short on time. In less than two months, they can learn fundamental research skills and generate a viable manuscript. My second research interest is understanding the burn wound microbiome using next-generation sequencing technology and machine learning. The microbiome of the burn wound substantially influences wound healing, graft loss and mortality, and yet we know very little about it. There are few fields where you can truly get in on the ground floor of research, but burn surgery is one of them! Using cutting-edge technology, my team plans to map out how the microbiome of the burn wound changes over time, responds to treatments and interacts with the immune system.  Machine learning will be the key to translating this data into meaningful interventions. Students and residents interested in a more substantial research project can help build one of the nation's first burn biorepositories, collaborate with academic/industry partners, utilize cutting-edge technologies not routinely available in the clinical space, and fundamentally advance burn care.

Cynthia Talley MD 

Mentor: Cindy Talley, M.D.

Keywords: Education

Research Interest: Surgical Education Research includes studying not only how we teach, but how students learn, the best environment, and trainee characteristics which can impact learning. We study curriculum development, new ways of assessing knowledge, and evaluating the impact of national standards. Currently, I have been looking at operative experience including case log practices and am building a longitudinal leadership curriculum.

Mike Yost PhD 

Michael Yost, Ph.D.

Keywords: Regenerative Medicine, Basic Science, Translational Science

Research Interest: The Yost Lab specializes in the biomedical implants, biomaterials, tissue engineering and 3D printing and visualization.