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The number of under-represented in medicine (URiM) faculty members has dramatically increased since the College of Medicine launched its diversity plan in 2002. At the launch of the diversity plan, there were 35 URiM among the 800 faculty members with representation in 25 percent of the departments. Today, URiM faculty members reside in 78 percent of the departments and the number of URiM faculty has increased by 100 percent.

Below you will find various programs for faculty. You will also find their contact email if you are interested in becoming involved.

Program/Effort Name: McClennan-Banks Academic Medicine Forum
Description: In order to increase the number of residents interested in a career in academic medicine, 3-4 URiM faculty representing different specialties, faculty tracks, participate in a panel discussion to share their experiences as URiM faculty.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: MEMS Academic Medicine Presentation
Description: In order to increase the number of medical students interested in careers in academic medicine, URiM students participating in MEMS have the opportunity to meet faculty representing a wide range of specialties.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Dean’s Diversity Council
Description: The initial goal of the Dean’s Diversity Council (formerly the COM Diversity Committee) was to develop a 5-year diversity plan for the College of Medicine. The Council also developed a diversity assessment that served as a method for creating a standardized database for assessing progress in the area of diversity.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Departmental Diversity Plans
Description: Each department has a plan to include recruitment and retention to URiMs and female faculty to their specific department.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Building Up a Diverse Pipeline for the Biomedical Research Workforce (U01)
Description: The primary objective of this multi-site study (26 sites) is to build the knowledge base of evidence-based interventions that diversify the workforce using near-peer and peer mentoring via group mentoring.
Contact Information: Michael de Arellano, Ph.D. (Site PI), Ed Krug, Ph.D. (Site Co-I), Claudia Salazar (Coordinator), com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Advancement, Recruitment, and Retention of Women Scientists (ARROWS)
Description: The College of Medicine has established a center supported by a National Science Foundation grant for the advancement of women scientists. The Center for ARROWS provides programs and supports for female faculty engaged in research.
Contact Information: Dr. Carol Feghali-Bostwick, feghalib@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Faculty Affairs Roundtables on Diversity Issues
Description: Conducted by the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Affairs Deans. These roundtables are held semi-annually to cover various topics related to URiM faculty (i.e. mentorship, promotion and other diversity-related issues).
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Departmental Diversity Champions
Description: Selected by department chairs, the Departmental Diversity Champions work closely with senior administrators within their department to develop and execute departmental diversity plans, organize diversity-related events and workshops for their faculty relating to bias, promotion, negotiation, etc.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu

Program/Effort Name: Promotion Review and Monitoring
Description: The Group on Diversity Affairs works collaboratively with Faculty Affairs Deans to track and review faculty promotion and advancement. Data is collected regularly examining years in rank for URiM faculty. Individual meetings are offered to discuss their progress.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu and Faculty Affairs

Program/Effort Name: Dean’s Diversity Forum
Description: The College of Medicine Dean meets bi-annually with the URiM residents and faculty to discuss any concerns and learn about what is working well for them in the College. In addition to the forum, the COM Dean hosts an annual celebration.
Contact Information: com-diversity@musc.edu  

Dr de Arellano meeting regarding Puerto Rico project