GME - Starting July 1, 2021 all Resident and Fellow activities that took place in E*Value should now be entered into MedHub. Please update your "Favorites" to the new address: http://medhub.musc.edu

UME - For student activities prior to this date should be completed in E*Value before August 1st. If you have any prior evaluations in E*Value that are pending, please complete before August 1st.  After August 1st all student activities that took place in E*Value should now be entered into MedHub . Please update your "Favorites" on this date to the new address: http://medhub.musc.edu


E*Value is designed to simplify the administration of healthcare education. The E*Value system streamlines curriculum, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more, with an all-in-one solution to help programs manage a vast amount of critical information easily and efficiently.

If you're working at a public computer you must close your browser completely when finished.

Login to E*Value

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Visit the MUSC Intranet page (you will need to log in with your netID and password) for generic login information, Resident Supervision Requirements and initiate Ad Hoc evaluations.

Student, Staff & Faculty Resources

E*Value Tips for Students
E*Value Tips for Faculty
COM Coordinators Handbook

Resident, Staff & Faculty Resources

GME Program Coordinators Handbook
E*Value How-To Documents
E*Value - MUSC Training Videos

E*Value Online Support

E*Value has a robust knowledge base to support educators and trainees. To access E*Value support:

  • Go to evalue.musc.edu
  • Choose the tab to log into E*Value
  • Enter your netID and password
  • Choose and enter your designated program
  • Look on the top right next to your name, and click the "Help" button
  • Now you can select your role at MUSC
  • Educators and trainees can learn how to complete all your tasks and manage your information using E*Value

College Support

For E*Value questions, please contact your college's E*Value Superuser:

College of Medicine

UME Programs
Michele Knoll Friesinger

GME Programs
Leslie Morris

College of Nursing

Alex Evans