Visiting Residents

Specialty and subspecialty residents may apply to do clinical rotations at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). The requirements are outlined below (NOTE: All requirements must be fulfilled before Visiting Residents may begin their rotations at MUSC.)

  • The DIO must receive written approval of the rotation from the MUSC residency program director. The Visiting Resident must be copied on this written correspondence.
  • An affiliation agreement from the Visiting Resident’s sponsoring institution is required inclusive of the following information:

a. the length of the rotation;
b. the visiting resident will be covered under his/her home institution’s malpractice insurance policy or other malpractice insurance during the time spent in the MUSC residency program;
c. the learning goals and objectives;
d. the institution responsible for paying the resident’s salary and benefits during the time s/he is at MUSC;
e. the supervising physician at MUSC.
f. the program director at the sponsoring institution

The affiliation agreement must be received by the host program at MUSC, approved/signed by the University/MUHA Legal Counsel, Annette Drachman, and by the CEO of MUSC Health/Vice President for Health Affairs of MUSC, Dr. David Zaas.

The MUSC Supervising Physician must notify the visiting resident's Program Director if any adverse events, involving the visiting resident, take place during the rotation at MUSC.


  • The visiting resident must send a current curriculum vitae to the MUSC Program Director.  A copy of the CV must be included in the VR packet.
  • Program coordinators are to provide the following “Resident Vaccine Requirement” form to their VRs so they may provide the required immunization documentation to EHS staff at their scheduled health clearance appointments. Resident Vaccine Requirements (PDF).

The following MUSC University HR form must be completed by the Program Coordinator:  Department Checklist for Unpaid Opportunity

Once completed and approved by Department/College, the visiting resident and the program coordinator will receive the following onboarding information automatically via email:

    • Link to apply online via PageUp
    • The MUSC Requirements Checklist which will need to be signed off on by authorized officials at the home institution.  (Note:  The signed MUSC Requirements Checklist must be uploaded into the application at the time of submission.)

    MUSC University HR will supply the NetID and badge information once all of the VR’s required information is received and approved. If you have specific questions regarding University HR processing, please email them at:

  • International Medical Graduates (IMGs) or U.S. Foreign Graduates must provide copies of their ECFMG certificates and appropriate visas. 
  • A South Carolina Medical License must be obtained by the Visiting Resident. For more information, please contact the State Board of Medical Examiners at 803-896-4500. A copy of the SC medical license must be included in the VR packet.
  • A federal NPI (National Provider Identifier) for the visiting resident must be provided. If the resident does not have an NPI, one must be obtained. An application can be completed online at National Plan and Provider Enumeration System NPI Enumerator information can be obtained by contacting . For more information, please contact Sonya Floyd, MUSC Managed Care Department at 843-876-1344.
  • MyQuest lessons will need to be completed once a NetID is assigned by University Human Resources. MyQuest may be accessed at:
  • If a Visiting Resident needs to access the EPIC system, a classroom training session will be required. Please contact the EPIC System Education Team at link to email to schedule training.
  • Program Coordinators are required to arrange for their Visiting Residents to be entered into the MUSC's MedHub residency tracking system prior to the start of the visiting rotation. All Visiting Residents must log their duty hours during the term of their rotations. Please contact 792-9304 to create all visiting resident profiles within MedHub. 
  • A copy of the complete packet of required materials detailed in the steps above must be submitted to Angela Ybarra for review.  Only when the review is complete and GME approval is obtained, will the Visiting Resident be cleared to begin the visiting rotation.

The Visiting Resident Information and Signature Form (PDF) must be completed and signed by the appropriate individuals.  This form is to be included in the VR packet.