Illness Information and COVID-19 Portal

COVID Student Portal

In Case of Illness or New Symptoms

  • If you are experiencing COVID or flu-like symptoms, go home/stay home, and log in to the MUSC Health Virtual Care to complete a virtual visit (  They will refer you for testing as appropriate.  Student Health is notified when students test positive for COVID-19, and will follow-up and work with students to determine when it is safe to return to clinical care.
  • Students should also refer to the University Safety Directives and Self-Monitoring and Return-to-Work Guidelines.

Reporting an Absence or Illness through the COVID Portal

Students can easily report their absence/illness AFTER they leave the clinical setting and campus through the COVID Student Portal linked to the COM Student Affairs web page. Student Affairs will notify the course director, but the student is encouraged to notify the course director by email once they arrive home. Curriculum make-up plans for absences are developed for each student based on the specific circumstances of the absence and the curriculum/experiences missed. The Course/Clerkship Director and Associate Deans for Curriculum will collaborate to develop make up plans. Extensive absences can result in academic delays; students affairs is available to meet with students to provide support and advising. Curriculum deans are available to discuss timeline alterations and impact on curriculum and program completion.

Student Support and Contact Information

  • MUSC Student Health:  843-792-3664     Students should call for any health concerns or questions and leave a voicemail stating the concern you wish to have addressed, along with your name and call back number. Staff will return your call within 2 hours during normal operating clinic hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM). Calls left outside of normal operating clinic hours will be returned the following business day. For serious health concerns, seek emergency medical care immediately.  Should a student contract COVID-19, Student Health will work with the health system and the student to identify when they may return to clinical care.   
  • COM Student Affairs: 843-792-2530  
  • Students must contact Student Affairs to report a COVID-19 related absence through the Covid Student Portal AFTER you leave the clinical setting and campus.
  • Student Affairs is available to answer questions and direct students to resources.
  • AnMed Health Clinical Campus
  • Student Affairs (Dr. Amanda Davis) 864-512-4439
  • Employee Health- Main Campus 864-512-1306
  • Employee Health- North Campus 864-512-4813

Students may find these numbers on their respective VIP card attached to their student ID badges with other information about blood borne pathogen exposure, CAPS contact information, etc.

Requesting a Modified Academic Plan or a Leave of Absence

Medical students should contact Student Affairs if you meet any of the following three criteria and would like to discuss a modified plan. Student affairs requires the minimum amount of information necessary to make an approval for modification or leave; student health information is kept confidential:

  1. In a vulnerable population such as: elderly, people with immunosuppression or co-morbidities, pregnant women
  2. Those living with vulnerable individuals
  3. Other medical or personal reasons for seeking a leave of absence

Students can discuss the potential for a modified plan which may include, but is not limited to, the following if approved: a medical or personal leave of absence, a leave to pursue a non-clinical degree (e.g. MPH, MSCR), review for potential transfer into the combined MD-MSCR degree to complete the MSCR portion of the degree, or completion of one non-clinical elective activity. Many of the potential options may or will result in a delay in completion of program requirements and graduation.   Students should also reach out if they have other concerns.