McGinty Laboratory Publications

Selected Recent Publications

Giannotti G, Barry SM, Siemsen BM, Peters J & McGinty JF. (2018). Divergent Prelimbic Cortical Pathways Interact with BDNF to Regulate Cocaine-seeking. J Neurosci 38(42) 8956-8966. PMCID: PMC6191522

Siemsen BM, Giannotti G, McFaddin JA, Scofield MD & McGinty JF. (2019). Biphasic effect of abstinence duration following cocaine self-administration on spine morphology and plasticity-related proteins in prelimbic cortical neurons projecting to the nucleus accumbens core. Brain Struct Funct 224(2) 741-758. PMCID: PMC6438710

McGinty JF, Otis JM. (2020). Heterogeneity in the paraventricular thalamus: The traffic light of motivated behaviors. Front Behav Neurosci 14590528. PMCID: PMC7596164

McGinty JF. (2022). BDNF as a therapeutic candidate in cocaine use disorder. Addiction Neuroscience 2 100006.

Vollmer KM, Green LM, Grant RI, Winston KT, Doncheck EM, Bowen CW,  CW, Paniccia JE, Clarke RE, Tiller A, Siegler PN, Bordieanu B, Siemsen BM, Denton AR, Westphal A, Jhou TC, Rinker JA, McGinty JF, Scofield MD, Otis JM. (2022). An opioid-gated thalamoaccumbal circuit for the suppression of reward seeking. Nature Comm13(1):6865.