ART Surgical Pathology

During the resident's time on ART surgical pathology, they will examine, dissect and submit tissue blocks from surgical specimens, microscopically examine slides produced from those tissue blocks, and finally review slides with an attending surgical pathologist at the time of sign-out. Residents are also expected to actively participate in intra-operative consultations including examination of fresh tissues, selection of samples for frozen section and/or other studies, sectioning of frozen section blocks, and examination of frozen section slides. These consist primarily of GI, liver, lung/thorax, and breast cases.  

The ART surgical pathology rotation is on a three day cycle and three residents are on the rotation in any one month. The resident's responsibility each day is as follows:

  • Day 1: (Grossing and Frozen Sections at ART) - The resident is to cut and signout all frozen sections. The resident is expected to gross all of the large breast, GI, liver, and lung/thorax specimens. A Pathology Assistant handles biopsy specimens. 
  • Day 2: (AM GI and Lung Smalls Sign-out/ PM Read-out) - All duties occur at Main Hospital. The resident is to sign out GI and lung biopsies with the attending pathologist after morning conference. When slides become available (usually by 1:00 PM), the resident is expected to examine all specimens grossed in and dictate a preliminary diagnosis for each case.
  • Day 3: (AM Large Specimen Sign-out (At ART) / PM Derm Sign-out & Derm Grossing (At Main Hospital)) - The resident is to sign out the cases with the attending pathologist at ART after morning conference. At 1:30 PM, the resident is to sign out the derm cases with the dermpath attending pathologist at Main hospital. The resident is to gross the derm biopsies at Main Hospital after dermpath sign-out.