South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Institute Early Career Scholars Program

The goal of the SCTR KL2 program is to foster the discipline of clinical research and increase clinical research capacity through the training of junior faculty, bridging clinical and translational research training with research independence. The SCTR KL2 will provide mentored, protected research experiences to enhance the development and retention of early career investigators. The program includes the option to pursue a master’s degree in clinical or translational science, a supportive environment, start-up research funds and access to program faculty who will provide expertise and guidance in research design, measurement and questionnaire design, study coordination, data management, biostatistical analysis, publishing and presenting research, and grant writing.


  • Degrees: Junior faculty and senior fellows pending faculty appointment with doctoral-level professional degrees. Examples include both Clinical Doctoral and Non-Clinical Doctoral.
  • Citizenship: Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Employment: KL2 scholars must devote a minimum 75percent of full-time professional effort.
  • Term: 2 years, with optional third year dependent upon satisfactory progress; $25,000/year in Research Project and Training Funds.

To apply: Visit website for more information and for exact dates