Our research mission is to further the science of medical imaging through active involvement in both basic and clinical science published literature.

Medical Physics - Selected Clinical Research Projects (2009 to 2014)

  • Computation of thyroid doses and risk to adult and pediatric patients undergoing neck CT examinations.
  • Investigating the preferred strength setting of the sinogram-affirmed iterative reconstruction algorithm in abdominal CT imaging.
  • Designing and implementing a web based tool for physics education for radiology residents.
  • Investigating the relation between scan region and organ doses in computed tomography.
  • Developing a robust method to estimate embryo dose in body CT.
  • Estimating organ doses to adult patients for chest CT.
  • Computing effective dose in cardiac CT.
  • Optimizing injected FDG doses for adults at routine PET/CT oncologic exams.
  • Estimating effective doses in adults at routine PET/CT oncologic exams.
  • Radiation dose and image quality of pediatric neck CT.
  • Breath-hold transcranial doppler for assessing cerebrovascular reserve in pediatric sickle cell disease.