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RNA Club: RNA & Disease

In this forum, faculty, postdocs, and students from all over MUSC and the Hollings Cancer Center meet once each month to share data, discuss projects, review publications, and establish collaborations. Our topics are centered on different aspects of RNA biology and posttranscriptional control of gene expression, with special emphasis of the role and functions of those processes in the development of human disease. 

Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. in BSB-560. If you are interested in joining the RNA Club and wish to be on the mailing list, please contact:

Je-Hyun Yoon

Fall Meetings 2019

August 29

Sonali Jathar, Ph.D. Investigation of RNA complex in cellular quiescence. 

October 24

Woonghee Lee, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Integrative High-Throughput NMR for Protein and Nucleic Acids Research.

November 21