Chad M. Novince, Ph.D., DDS

Chad Novince, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department: Oral Health Sciences
Program: Inflammation



Research Interests:

The Novince laboratory is focused on understanding the immunomodulatory role of commensal gut microbiota on the relationship between liver function and skeletal formation. Commensal gut microbiome-induced immune signaling has complex endocrine effects that impact peripheral tissue development and homeostasis. Dr. Novince have shown that commensal gut microbiota facilitates immunoregulatory actions that enhance bone resorbing osteoclasts and suppress bone forming osteoblasts, which drives skeletal bone loss. Research in Dr. Novince’s laboratory supports the hypothesis that the effect of gut microbiota on bone physiology is not mediated by a direct signaling between the gut and bone, but rather by indirect effects involving communication between the gut and liver.

Investigations comparing germ-free mice to specific-pathogen-free mice have enabled Dr. Novince’s research group to demonstrate that commensal gut microbiota-derived products stimulate liver innate immunity. Importantly, the liver innate immune response influences endocrine signaling to bone cells at distant skeletal sites. Current research is centered on defining the role of the molecular mechanisms through which the liver mediates the response of bone to gut microbiota. The Digestive Disease Research Core Center (DDRCC) will provide critical core facilities and scientific resources supporting the development of Dr. Novince’s research program.


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