Current Residents

Third Year              

Headshot of Dr. Alvarado

Brenda Alvarado, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina
Post-residency Plans: Primary care with an interest in underserved communities
Scholarly activity: SC AAP Presentation "Using the Pediatric Medical Home to Vaccinate Parents Against COVID-19"

Headshot of Dr. Kuipers

Allison Kuipers, M.D.
Medical School: University of Virginia
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Post-residency Plans: Primary care and adolescent medicine, mental health and LGBTQ+ health
Scholarly activities: APPD: Connecting with the Community: Engaging Pediatric Interns in a Community Advocacy Orientation Day; SCAAP: Using the Pediatric Medical Home to Vaccinate Parents Against Covid-19
Why MUSC:  I loved that the primary care residency was a smaller group inside of a larger program. It offered residents the experience and breadth of quaternary care work, while ensuring residents had adequate practice and training as autonomous primary care physicians. It also offered extended curriculum, in journal clubs, field trips, and conference attendance, all specifically aimed at developing a well-rounded practitioner. From day one, I could tell the primary care residency was a family, and that has held true!

Second Year

headshot of Dr. Melanie Gray Miller

Melanie Gray Miller, M.D.
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Undergraduate: James Madison University
Why MUSC: MUSC and the Pediatric Primary Care Residency stood out to me because of the residents' and faculty's genuine commitment to the community. I was drawn here because of the warm, friendly people as well as the advocacy curriculum and the opportunity to train in a place with a diverse patient population. Not to mention Shawn Jenkins, and Charleston in general, is just about the nicest place to take care of kiddos!

headshot of Dr. Sarah Olson

Sarah Olson, M.D.
Medical School: Indiana University
Undergraduate: Indiana University
Why MUSC: I was very drawn to the Primary Care Pediatric Residency Program at MUSC because of its unique emphasis on primary care and the opportunities that exist within both medical Spanish and Global Health for residents. The mid-size program seemed like the perfect fit to provide a solid support group of co-residents as well as encourage appropriate autonomy and individualized learning. I had a wonderful interview experience and could sense that this is a place where I would feel comfortable learning and thus grow into the best pediatrician I can be. Charleston is an incredible city to live in during residency and there are endless activities and things to explore; we love having beach days on our days off!

headshot of Dr. Ashley Perdue

Ashley Perdue, M.D.
Medical School: West Virginia University
Undergraduate: West Virginia University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because I absolutely loved my interview here. The brand new children’s hospital is absolutely beautiful and Charleston is such a great city! I loved that MUSC offered a primary care residency that would allow me to tailor my residency experience to support my future career goals. The beach is also a huge plus!

First Year

Headshot photo of Merritt Headden, M.D.

Merritt Headden, M.D.
Medical School: MUSC
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Why MUSC: Staying at MUSC was the easiest decision! The residents and attendings are nothing but encouraging and supportive and will go far out of their way to help you achieve your goals. Between the exceptional primary care residency program and exposure to a huge variety of subspecialties, I know I will be well prepared to work as a pediatrician in the primary care setting. I've been in Charleston my whole life and it's the best place to work and live!

Headshot photo of Emily Ireland, DO

Emily Ireland, D.O.
Medical School: VCOM Auburn
Undergraduate: Auburn University
Why MUSC: MUSC immediately felt like home to me. Every person I met was so intentional and kind. From alumni to current residents, everyone spoke the world of their time at MUSC. I have always loved the Charleston area and knew it would be a great place to enjoy during residency. I wanted to train at a program that sees it all and has opportunities in every specialty. MUSC checked every box and more!

Headshot photo of Cindy Lee, DO

Cindy Lee, D.O.
Medical School: Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because it embodies the perfect balance of a strong academic program with faculty who prioritize your growth and wellness as well as fun, supportive residents who enjoy life outside of the hospital together. The Primary Care Pediatric Residency Program at MUSC supports my passion for health care advocacy and to provide exceptional primary care to the kiddos as a pediatrician in MUSC’s stand-alone children’s hospital with its stunning views overlooking the water and abundant natural light. Coming from the Midwest, I am excited to explore Charleston’s many local gems and dog-friendly beaches and to work with MUSC’s amazing team of residents and attendings!