Director's Message

Headshot of Dr. Rachael Zweigoron

Welcome to MUSC and thank you for considering the Primary Care Program. We started this unique program in 2011 with the goal of preparing residents to both provide exceptional primary care and engage with their communities to improve child wellness. Since then, over 90% of our graduates have gone on to meaningful careers in primary care. They have joined practices all over SC, and as far away as Arizona and California.

We combine extended community-based rotations with the tertiary care training afforded by our state-of-the-art children’s hospital. Community-based rotations occur in clinics that serve rural and minority communities, where we care for well children and those with complex medical needs. Residents get significant autonomy at these sites and develop an efficiency and independence that quickly sets them apart from their peers.

In addition to the clinical experiences, the Primary Care Program has its own didactic curriculum that supplements the categorical program. The curriculum aims to deepen residents’ understanding of the business of medicine, the effective use of community resources, and the nuances of managing patients presenting with complex medical or behavioral issues. Our residents attend the SC AAP meeting every fall, which is an amazing opportunity to witness pediatric community-engagement at the state level and to network with likeminded peers as well as present the work they have done in research and quality improvement.

The Primary Care Program takes 3 residents per year. The small size of the program offers residents an intimate group that shares a passion for primary care within the bigger program. It also allows us to be highly responsive to the ideas and goals of the group. As the associate program director and the curriculum director for the Primary Care Program, I build the curriculum every year to meet the interests of the current residents.

Lastly, we are here in beautiful Charleston! Residency is a time of hard work, and you will enjoy spending your off time in a city this lovely. There are beautiful beaches just around the corner for those times you need to recharge, and amazing restaurants for those times you want to treat yourself to a nice meal after a long shift. The weather is great and the people are friendly. We are proud of our city and our program, and hope you will consider us! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.  

Kind Regards,

Rachael Zweigoron, MD
Associate Program Director