Med-Peds Residents

Headshot of Dr. Buffa

Charish Buffa, M.D. – Fourth Year
Hometown: Athens, Georgia
Medical School: Morehouse School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Favorite things about Charleston: amazing food, multiple beaches to choose from, beautiful scenery/history, AND almost everywhere is pet friendly!
Career/Research interests: Adult Hospital Medicine
Why MUSC Med-Peds? After being here three years now, I am very confident I chose the right place. I love the people here (specifically our Med-Peds family!), supportive atmosphere on both categorical sides, and training at a strong academic center.  Also, you can't beat living 10 minutes from the beach!

Headshot of Dr. Smallcomb

Laura Smallcomb, M.D., MA – Fourth Year
Hometown:  Boston, MA
Medical School:  Drexel University College of Medicine
Graduate: University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Northeastern University
Favorite things about Charleston:  The restaurants, the weather
Career/Research interests: PICU
Why MUSC Med-Peds? I loved the depth and the scope that Med-Peds involved, allowing me to have a residency that spanned the gamut of age and illness severity, while continuing to keep the doors open for potential fellowships and specialization in the future

Headshot of Dr. StoneMolly Stone, M.D. – Fourth Year, Med/Peds Chief Resident
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL
Medical School: University of Alabama Birmingham
Undergraduate: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Favorite things about Charleston: amazing city, seafood everywhere and the people are so friendly.
Career/Research interests: GI, likely IBD
Why MUSC Med Peds? I was searching for a program with strong, supportive categorical programs but also with a close-knit Med-Peds group which I found here. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and constantly helping me both figure out my plans and reach my goals.

Headshot of Dr. UrbanSophia Urban, M.D., MPH – Fourth Year, Med/Peds Chief Resident
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School (Norfolk, VA)
Graduate: University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Undergraduate: University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Favorite things about Charleston: I had never been to Charleston before my interview day at MUSC, but as soon as I arrived I was immediately drawn to the city’s vibrant culture and incredibly friendly residents. I love how it’s a quaint town with loads of southern charm and a rich history that still has a lot of hustle and bustle to keep you busy. Everyone you meet is always smiling, and it’s so easy to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, which is fantastic because there are so many people here who have amazing life stories to share! The warm, sunny weather and coastal location are perfect when you want to take advantage of the beach or enjoy different nautical activities when on a break from work. And of course, the food here is award-winning and absolutely delicious! Between the fresh seafood and old fashioned southern cooking, you’ll never go hungry in the Holy City!
Career/Research Interests: Palliative Care
Why MUSC Med-Peds? Choosing to train in Med-Peds at MUSC was an easy decision for me as soon as I set foot in Charleston. Dr. Mennito was a joy to know right from the beginning and had a great vision for the future of the program that really made me excited to be going into the specialty. Krista our coordinator, the upper level residents, and all the MUSC staff I met were very welcoming, genuine, and down-to-earth people who I looked forward to calling my co-workers and friends. Everyone seemed so happy to work at MUSC and truly saw themselves as critical parts of a healthcare system dedicated to the service of patients in the Lowcountry. I loved the idea of working with such a diverse patient population in the Charleston area, including many underserved groups and our country’s Veterans at the VA. I was also impressed with MUSC overall as being a strong academic medical center with a wide array of patient complexity while maintaining the feel of a smaller community program where you can get to know everyone. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to train here!

Headshot of Dr John Bowman, IVJohn Bowman, IV, M.D. - Third Year
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Medical School: University of South Florida
Undergraduate: College of William & Mary
Favorite things about Charleston: great food and history
Career/Research interests: critical care, cardiology, medical education, international medicine
Why MUSC Med-Peds? It's a great program and a great city, plus I'm much closer to my family here. I've always been undecided as to what I want out of my career, but I knew MUSC would give me excellent training in both medicine and pediatrics and set me up for any career path I choose.

Headshot of Dr Umakanthan KavinUmakanthan Kavin, M.D., MA - Third Year
Hometown: Okemos, MI
Medical School: Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University
Graduate: University of Michigan
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Favorite things about Charleston: Charleston combines rich history, beaches, nightlife, southern hospitality, food, and climate all in one charming city.
Career/Research Interests: Pediatric Cardiology, Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Medical Education
Why MUSC Med-Peds? I love how Med-Peds at MUSC is built on the foundation of two incredibly strong categorical programs. The clinical experiences here are second to none. I also cannot speak enough about the program leadership and the amount of support I feel from my co-residents. You truly are working with your friends here.

Headshot of Dr Denise KimbroughDenise Kimbrough, M.D., Ph.D. - Third Year
Hometown: Birmingham, Al   
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Graduate: Medical University of South Carolina, PhD
Undergraduate: The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Favorite thing about Charleston: I love being by the water, even though I can’t swim. There is something very peaceful about it.
Career/Research Interest:  I originally was torn between adolescent medicine and cardiology. I learned that I just like transitional care combined with bread-and-butter physiology. Therefore, I have now chosen a career in combined nephrology (adult and pediatric). It is a great patient population, has many avenues for research, and a true need for a med-peds trained physician.
Why MUSC Med-Peds? I believe I chose MUSC more so for the people. I learned in doing research that the education you get anywhere will always be the same, you will learn what you need to. However, how you spend your time obtaining that education and making memories depends on those you take the journey with. I feel like MUSC Med-Peds is a family and who better to spend four stressful, growing years with than family.

Headshot of Dr. Laurel Wolf

Laurel Wolf, M.D. - Third Year

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Favorite Things About Charleston: Always a new restaurant to try, the dog-friendly beaches & parks, and the pretty views!

Career/Research Interests: Undecided, possibly a combined subspecialty or hospital medicine.

Why MUSC Med-Peds? As a medical student here, I felt at home in both the Internal Medicine and the Pediatrics departments and 'found my people' in Med-Peds. As I started the interview process, I realized how unique MUSC is as the only tertiary care center in a really desirable city. I knew that I could get superb training here with co-residents and faculty that create a fun, positive environment. And being in Charleston doesn't hurt!


Headshot of Nancy Hagood, MD

Nancy Hagood, M.D. - Second Year

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Undergraduate: Georgetown University

Favorite Things About Charleston: The ocean and the people.

Career/Research Interests: Academic Hospital Medicine, Global Health and Community Development in Haiti

Why MUSC Med-Peds? MUSC Med-Peds is the best of all worlds. It provides a fantastic teaching and learning environment, a diverse patient population and high acuity patients, top-notch Internal Medicine and Pediatrics programs with a close-knit Med-Peds family, and incredible mentors and role models.  And in a place like Charleston, it’s easy to have hobbies outside the hospital to keep you sane.

Headshot of Nelson Reed, MD

Nelson Reed, M.D. - Second Year

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Undergraduate: Wofford College

Favorite Things About Charleston: The architecture, history, trees, scenery, food, and beaches

Career/Research Interests: Primary care or possibly a sub-specialty

Why MUSC Med-Peds? To me, MUSC has it all. With friends and family in North and South Carolina, Charleston is a perfect location for me. Both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics departments have outstanding training environments and outlets to explore during residency. They have a high emphasis on mentorship and education, which is something I really value in a program. Every day, I get to work alongside and learn from excellent faculty and co-residents. I could not imagine training anywhere else!


Headshot of Maggie Roth, MD

Maggie Roth, M.D., MS - Second Year

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Graduate School: Georgetown University

Undergraduate: University of Virginia
Favorite Things About Charleston:
 Sunny weather, being around water, outdoor activities, sunsets, friendly people, and the food!

Career/Research Interests: Undecided in true Med-Peds fashion, but with strong interests in primary care, global health, and working with under-served population.

Why MUSC Med-Peds? I spent a year in Charleston before medical school and fell in love with the area. I was super excited about the brand new Children’s Hospital and Med-Peds Clinic. It was then my interview day that really sold me. I had so many wonderful conversations and left with the “gut feeling” that this felt like home.

Headshot of Jake Seltman, MD

Jake Seltman, M.D. -Second Year

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine (Savannah Campus)
Undergraduate: University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!)

Favorite Things About Charleston: Laid-Back Atmosphere, Close to the beach with a lot to do outside, and the Southern Charm and Beauty.

Career/Research Interests: Very open to all routes of medicine and excited to explore all areas. Right now I am interested in Outpatient Medicine

Why MUSC Med-Peds? I love Charleston, and everyone in the Med-Peds program has made me feel so welcome and so at home. I can’t wait to grow even closer as a family.



Headshot of Dr. Thomas BrenzelThomas Brenzel, M.D. - Intern
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Medical School: University of Louisville

Undergraduate: University of Louisville

Favorite Things About Charleston: I love the views of the harbor, live oak trees, and the historic buildings downtown. You’re never far from something fun to do in Charleston!

Career/Research Interests: Cardiology, Global Health, Hospital Medicine, and others

Why MUSC Med-Peds? MUSC is an outstanding program in an amazing location. It has everything I was looking for with strong categorical programs, excellent facilities, a diverse patient population, a dedicated Med/Peds clinic, and exceptional clinical training in a supportive environment.



headshot of Dr. Andrew GentusoAndrew Gentuso, M.D. - Intern
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Medical School: University of Tennessee (UTHSC)
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University; Bachelors in Biology
Favorite things about Charleston: All of the beaches, walking around historic downtown, the county parks, the bikeability of the peninsula, the huge number of dog-friendly restaurants and patios, the aquarium, and all the interesting wildlife in the area!
Career/Research Interests: Somewhat undifferentiated, but interested in both adult and peds pulmonology, critical care, and adult cardiology
Why MUSC Med-Peds? I chose MUSC for my Med-Peds training for several reasons. The city of Charleston was a considerable draw, and I love that MUSC has made itself an invaluable member of the Charleston community. I also was looking for an academic center that would have good clinical volume and not be competing with other centers within its referral base. Most importantly, on interview day I was struck by the thoughtfulness and respect that the leadership showed towards applicants and seemed to demonstrate to their residents, from having the most succinct and enjoyable online interview day to adjusting trainee scheduling to better acclimate interns to both medicine and pediatrics early on. 



headshot of Dr. Megan KernMegan Kern, M.D. - Intern

Hometown: Hilton Head Island, SC

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Favorite things about Charleston: paddle boarding on Shem Creek, boat rides in the harbor, and brunch at Early Bird Diner

Career/Research Interests: career - adolescent, transitional, and preventative medicine, palliative care; research - impact of racism on pediatric health

Why MUSC Med-Peds: As a first-year medical student, I met Dr. Mennito volunteering at One80 Place Clinic (student run clinic at downtown homeless shelter). I was immediately impressed by the energy and compassion she brought to patient care as well as her attention to student education. From then on, I was consistently inspired by every Med Peds physician I encountered at MUSC. On a surgery rotation, the Med Peds resident on geriatrics validated all my concerns for a liver failure patient in a comprehensive consult note. On an internal medicine rotation, the clerkship director and program director (both med peds trained) exemplified thorough clinical reasoning and comprehensive, patient-focused care. The example set by MUSC Med Peds physicians makes me want to be a better clinician and patient advocate. The camaraderie among the Med Peds residents makes me want to be a more caring friend and source of support for my co-residents.



headshot of Dr. Austin SmithAustin Smith, M.D., MA - Intern
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Medical School: Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Graduate School: Loma Linda University School of Religion, MA Bioethics
Undergraduate: UCLA
Favorite things about Charleston: The FOOD! And of course the beaches, The Battery, golf, and just how dog friendly the area is.
Career/Research Interests: Medical Ethics, Medical Education, Primary Care, and Hospitalist Medicine
Why MUSC Med-Peds:  From top to bottom it was easily my favorite interview experience. Each faculty member and each resident made me feel incredibly welcomed and it was easy to tell how connected everyone was. The new continuity clinic was another major reason I was so excited about MUSC as it will provide ample opportunities for QI projects and for helping me connect with my new community. I could tell there was a perfect balance of hard work with wellness and to have that in a vibrant coastal city like Charleston, I knew I found my Med-Peds home.