Med-Peds Residency Curriculum

Example Schedule

Month PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3 PGY-4
July Peds Wards* Peds ER Peds Wards* Peds Derm Elective
August Med Wards* Peds Renal Elective Peds Ambulatory Peds Wards
September Developmental Peds Peds Wards* Peds ID Elective Peds Adolescent
October Med Heme Wards* Med Endo Elective Med Wards* Med Wards
November Med ID Consults Med Wards* Med Neuro CS* Med UIM
December Med Cards/Card Consults* Med UIM Med UIM Med Renal Consults
January Peds ER Peds Elective Peds GI Elective Peds Rheum Elective
February Peds NICU Peds PICU* Peds Rheum Elective Peds Surgery
March Peds Wards* Peds NBN Peds Level 2 Peds Renal Elective
April Med MICU* Med Heme CS* Med MICU* Med Elective
May Med VA Wards* Med Heme Wards* Med Rheum Elective MedPeds Transitions Elective
June Peds Cards Clinic Med ER Med Renal CS* Med Rheum Elective

*indicates call months


MedPeds Clinical Opportunities:

  • MedPeds Clinic Elective – Provides additional primary care time in the MedPeds Clinic in North Charleston, typically done in PGY3/PGY4 years, residents also will participate/assist in the clinic curriculum
  • MedPeds Transitions Rotation – Rotating elective through specialty clinics providing transitional care (done in 3rd or 4th year) Ex: sickle cell disease, adult CHD, SLE clinic, renal transplant, HIV

For more information on available subspecialty electives in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics please go to:

Internal Medicine


Education Tracks

During their training MUSC Med-Peds residents have the opportunity to participate in either or both of the specialized tracks offered through the Pediatrics Residency Program. These tracks offer additional opportunities for clinical experiences and scholarly activity within each field of interest. To learn more, please follow the links below.


Global Health

Medical Education


Learn more about the department research here.


While on each rotation and throughout the entire training period the resident serves as a categorical resident for each program and attends all educational conferences for that rotation.

Internal Medicine:

  • Morning Report: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Intern Academic Education Conference: Tuesday
  • Upper Level Academic Education Conference: Thursday
  • Grand Rounds: Thursday morning


  • Morning Report: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Academic Half Day: Wednesday
  • Grand Rounds: Friday morning

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics:

  • Noon Conference:  Quarterly; run by Med-Peds residents
  • Business meeting: Monthly
  • Journal Club: Monthly