Program Mission and Aims

The mission of the MUSC Med-Peds residency program is to support and develop superb clinicians through:

  1. Diverse and educational patient interactions in inpatient and outpatient, primary care, and specialty areas. Experiences will be guided by engaged educators who promote the highest standard of evidence-based care to patients from diverse backgrounds.
  2. Exploration of all facets of pediatric and adult medicine to support the individual career interests of each resident and ensure their highest likelihood of personal and professional success through individually developed learning plans.
  3. Engagement in scholarly pursuits including evidence-based and quality/performance improvement projects that advance the field of medicine and improve the quality of care delivered to all patients.
  4. Recognition of the role of the physician in community outreach, advocacy, and care of the underserved through support of resident engagement in these pursuits.
  5. Development and encouragement of life-long learning and teaching skills for the education of self, fellow residents, medical students, patients, and families.
  6. Promotion of the highest expectations of professionalism and encouragement to pursue and develop skills of leadership.
  7. Recruitment and retention of a diverse and inclusive resident complement.
  8. Active support of resident wellness and development of skills of resiliency that can be maintained through the duration of their professional endeavors.