We are so proud of where they are now!


Select a year to hear from our graduates and see where they are now:

  • John Bowman IV, M.D. – Adult Cardiology Fellowship, University of South Florida
  • Umakanthan Kavin, M.D. – Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship, University of Colorado
  • Denise Kimbrough, M.D., PhD – Med-Peds Nephrology Fellowship, Ohio State University/Nationwide Children's
  • Laurel Wolf, M.D. – Primary Care, Chicago, IL
  • Charish Buffa, M.D. – Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Charleston, SC
  • Laura Smallcomb, M.D., MBE - Pediatric Intensive Care Fellowship, Vanderbilt University
  • Molly Stone, M.D. – Adult GI Fellowship, University of Michigan
  • Sophia Urban, M.D., MPH – Palliative Care Fellowship, MUSC
  • Leah Broadhurst, MD, MPH – MedPeds Primary Care, Hickory, NC
  • Laura Brown, MD – MedPeds Hospitalist, Huntsville, AL
  • Susan Evenhouse, MD – Internal Medicine Chief, currently MUSC Internal Medicine and Med-Peds Clinic Faculty
  • Patricia Smith, MD – IM Primary Care, Charleston, SC
  • Prashant Raghavendran, DO – Combined MedPeds Hem/Onc Fellowship, Vanderbilt University; currently Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Emory Healthcare, Children's Hospital of Atlanta
  • Mason Walgrave, MD – Pediatric Chief Resident, MUSC; Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine Fellowship, MUSC; currently Med-Peds Hospital Medicine, MUSC
  • Dustin Fowler, DO – Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, University of Texas Medical Branch; currently A/I physician, Waco, TX
  • Laurie Graves, MD – Pediatric Hem/Onc Fellowship, Duke University; currently Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Duke University
  • Kathleen “KC” Head, MD, MPH, MS – Academic Generalist Fellowship, MUSC; currently MedPeds Associate Program Director and academic outpatient MedPeds physician, MUSC
  • Mithunan Maheswaranathan, MD – Adult Rheumatology Fellowship, Duke University; currently adult Rheumatologist, Duke
  • Andy Nielsen, MD – Internal Medicine Chief, MUSC; currently MedPeds Primary Care, Columbia, TN
  • Sonia Savani, MD – Combined MedPeds Rheumatology Fellowship, MUSC; currently Rheumatologist Mobile, AL
  • Sarah Adams, MD – Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, Vanderbilt University; currently A/I physician, Clarksville, TN
  • Stephanie Gaydos, MD – Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Fellowship, MUSC; currently ACHD physician, MUSC
  • John Amadon, MD – MedPeds Hospitalist, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Rachel Dahlborg, MD – MedPeds Primary Care, Osprey, FL
  • Stephen Balevic, MD – Combined MedPeds Rheumatology Fellowship, Duke University; currently MedPeds Rheumatologist, Duke
  • Marc Heincelman, MD –Internal Medicine Chief, MUSC; currently Internal Medicine Hospitalist, MUSC
  • Lisal Folsom, MD – Combined MedPeds Endocrine Fellowship, Indiana University; currently MedPeds Endocrinologist, Louisville, KY
  • Dennis Harris, MD – Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Augusta, GA

Prior Med-Peds residents with a carResidents Dustie & Laurie being silly

Residents KC and Mithu Residents Marc and Stephen on last day in Peds Primary Care clinicResidents Mason and Prashant playingResidents Andy and Sonia being silly