Pediatric Residency Global Health Opportunities

MUSC pediatrics residency program supports and encourages residents interested in pursuing learning opportunities in global child health. The curriculum focuses on common medical and public health problems that impact children in low- and middle-income countries. Our global health curriculum is incorporated into resident teaching conferences and grand rounds to ensure that all residents have exposure to important global child health topics. For residents who desire a more in-depth global health focus, we offer a formal Pediatric Global Health Track at MUSC. The track is available to incoming Pediatric and Med-Peds interns and is a longitudinal experience in global child health that spans across the 3-4 years of residency training. The track includes clinical experiences, didactic and simulation activities, opportunities to educate peers, mentor-guided projects and electives, and ultimately international travel (or a stateside global health field experience) in the final year of training.

Components of the Global Health Track

Participants enrolled in the track will be paired with a global health mentor who will help them develop a scholarly project as well as select and prepare for an international experience. The mentor will also help the resident tailor their experience to meet career goals and individual interests. Residents will participate in monthly meetings, local and international global health electives, online modules and readings, and campus-wide global health educational sessions.

Application Process for the Global Health Track

All interns will be given information about the track and details regarding specific requirements shortly after arrival at MUSC. Interested residents will be invited to submit an application during January of their intern year. Approval for participation must be granted by the Residency Program Director and the Global Health Track Program Director. Residents approved for participation will then be assigned a mentor.

To Learn More

Contact Dr. Andrea Summer, Director for the Global Health Track. She has facilitated the ongoing affiliation between MUSC Pediatrics and Selian Lutheran Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. The Department also has an affiliation with Masindi-Kitara Hospital in Uganda and Child Family Health International which has expanded overseas opportunities to Latin America, Asia and other parts of Africa. Funding for residents selected to participate in international settings has been available to continue the resident’s salary for the time they are away, but travel expenses are the responsibility of the resident.