Medical Education Track for Pediatric Residents

This longitudinal track is designed for pediatric residents who have an interest in pursuing a career in resident and/or medical student education. Categorical, Primary Care, Med-Peds, and Child Neuro residents are eligible to apply for the track in their intern year and will continue the track through the end of residency. The track incorporates small group didactic sessions, hands-on teaching experience, and a scholarly project. After completion of the track, residents will be able to provide skilled feedback, develop thorough evaluations, create high quality educational objectives and curricular plans, and deliver effective clinical precepting with small and large group teaching.

Components of the Medical Education Track:

Residents participating in the track will be paired with two “Faculty Champions” who will serve as their mentors throughout the experience. These mentors help ensure residents are meeting the requirements of the track and also help guide residents in their scholarly project.

Throughout the track, residents will participate in the following:

Medical Education Foundations: Small group discussions focused on medical education topics. Led by faculty in first year of track and by third year residents in their second year of the track.Clinicians as Educators Course: Residents will participate in the CaE course beginning in their first year of the track and may be completed over the course of one or two years. A certificate will be earned after completion.Didactic sessions: Residents will create and give multiple didactic sessions throughout the two-three years of the track. Sessions include morning report, PGY-2 talks, and grand rounds warm-up talks. Faculty champions will evaluate residents.Medical Student Teaching Sessions: Residents will participate in various medical student teaching sessions, both hands on and didactic in style, and will receive feedback both from faculty and students.Scholarly Project: Residents will complete a scholarly project related to medical education. Project will be presented as part of the CAE course and ideally at a conference during the PGY3-4 year and/or be published.Giving Feedback: Residents will give feedback to a junior resident and/or student at least once each year in the track. Residents should be evaluated by a faculty member.

Application Process:

Interns will receive information regarding the track around January of their intern year. Interested residents can then submit an application to join the track. Approval for participation must be granted by the Residency Program Director and the Medical Education Track Director(s).

To Learn More:

Contact Drs. Candi Jump ( or Morgan Khawaja (, co-directors of the Medical Education Track.