Third Year

Headshot of Dr. Sabrina Archibald

Sabrina Archibald, D.O.
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia Campus
Undergraduate: The University of Alabama
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because I knew that I would get a fantastic education while working alongside genuinely kind and supportive people. I felt so welcomed by all the faculty and residents I encountered on interview day and was impressed with the robust curriculum, including exposure to all the pediatric specialties and opportunities for advocacy. I also loved the idea of living in Charleston, surrounded by beaches, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of food to try!
Post-Residency Plans: Primary Care 
Scholarly Activity: Increasing Resident Engagement in School-Based Wellness, and SJCH Adverse Drug Event Committee

Headshot of Dr. Hannah Ballock

Hannah Ballock, M.D.
Medical School: University of Toledo
Undergraduate: Duke University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC from the gut feeling I got on my interview day. Even in a virtual setting, I could feel the camaraderie between the residents and faculty, as well as the commitment to giving residents the best possible training, and that feeling has only grown during the start of my intern year. MUSC has opportunities in so many different subspecialties and areas of pediatrics that even though I'm not sure what direction I want my career to take, I know that any door is open to me here. Also, living in a beautiful city by the ocean is a HUGE plus!
Post Residency Plans: Pediatric Cardiology
Scholarly Activity: Routine Echocardiography After Pediatric and Congenital Arrhythmia Ablations: Clinical Utility and Cost Effectiveness

headshot of Dr. Katherine Myers

Katherine Dharmasri, M.D.
Medical School: Wake Forest
Undergraduate: North Carolina State University
Why MUSC: I loved MUSC because it felt like the perfect balance of training opportunities as an academic tertiary care center with a true feeling of closeness between the residents and faculty. I was already partial to Charleston since I have family in the area, and the brand-new children's hospital with views of the harbor and specialists in every subset of pediatrics only made the program more appealing. Most importantly though, it felt like everyone in the MUSC peds family wanted to do whatever was necessary to support their residents, whether it was through mentorship or providing time to explore the cuisine and beaches of the area.
Post Residency Plans: Primary Care
Scholarly Activity: Pediatric Food Insecurity Screening

Headshot of Dr. Bailey Dunn

Bailey Dunn, D.O.
Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Why MUSC: As a College of Charleston grad, I was familiar with the outstanding reputation MUSC holds both in this community and SC. I knew MUSC could provide unique experiences during my residency training given the medical complexity of patients and exposure to so many pediatric sub specialties, equipping me with the "tools" I need to be a well-rounded general pediatrician. I was very impressed with the advocacy curriculum, positive energy from program leadership, and ultimately felt this was a place that would support my goals and become my home away from home. Best decision ever!
Post-Residency Plans: MUSC Pediatric Chief Resident 2024-2025, then I hope to pursue Pediatric GI Fellowship!
Scholarly Activity: Working on a few projects related to Nutrition and Medical Education

headshot of Dr. Jackie Glodener

Jackleen Glodener, D.O
Medical School: Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Emory
Why MUSC: I felt confident that I would receive excellent training at MUSC in a friendly, supportive environment. I was impressed by the board pass rate, the amazing faculty, and Dr. Mills’ commitment to the program. The gorgeous hospital and the southern hospitality also contributed to my decision to make MUSC my home.
Post-Residency plans: Primary care in Alpharetta, GA
Scholarly Activity: Almira Zada and others, The long Filamin-A isoform is required for intestinal development and motility: implications for chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, Human Molecular Genetics, Volume 32, Issue 1, 1 January 2023, Pages 151–160, 

headshot of Dr. Corinne Karch

Corinne Karch, M.D.
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Undergraduate: Indiana University
Why MUSC: My interview and MUSC stood out for many reasons. The residents genuinely love the program and it felt like a team atmosphere, the curriculum is strong and always being updated, and the size is perfect to get to know everyone in your class while still being at a large, stand-alone children's hospital. The leadership of the program truly care about the residents as individuals and emphasize our wellness. The brand new, beautiful hospital overlooking the water is just a bonus!
Post-Residency plans: Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Scholarly Activity: Common Primary Care Screening Tools & What to do with them?

headshot of Dr. Liza Larranaga

Liza Larranaga, D.O.
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Florida State University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because I loved my interview and found myself comparing every other program to MUSC. Everyone I met was so friendly and genuine, and I felt I would receive the best support and training here. It is the perfect size program that I was looking for, and the hospital is beautiful. Also, it's in Charleston, which is one of my favorite cities. The food and the beach are the best! 
Post Residency Plans: NICU Fellowship 
Scholarly Activity: : Efficacy of the Hepatitis B Vaccination Post Hypothermia for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy; Optimizing Hyperbilirubinemia Management in the Hospitalist Setting 

Headshot photo of Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien, M.D.
Medical School: 
University of South Carolina School of Medicine - Greenville
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Why MUSC: I had an unconventional path that led me to MUSC, but I couldn’t have landed at a better program! After the closure of Tufts Children’s Hospital during my intern year I decided to come home to South Carolina, and the Shawn Jenkins family has welcomed me with open arms. I’m glad to be at a program with beautiful facilities, top tier evidence based training, and a heart for child advocacy. My particular interests are in healthcare legislative advocacy, LGBTQ protection & inclusivity, and community education. I’m thrilled to be back home and can’t wait to see what my career at MUSC has in store.
Post-Residency Plans: Primary Care 
Scholarly Activity: Adverse Childhood Experiences

headshot of Dr. Natalie Pudalov

Natalie Pudalov, M.D.
Medical School: George Washington University
Undergraduate: Colgate University
Why MUSC: MUSC stood out to me from day one! Fantastic mentorship, kind faculty, and a group of fun residents are just a few of the reasons that made my decision an easy one. I wanted to go to a place where I would be able to grow into the best pediatrician I have the potential of becoming, and I got the feeling that MUSC would get me there. I also have a strong interest in medical technology and robotics and was looking for a program where I could grow my research acumen. Finally, Charleston is a city like no other! I love being active outdoors and wanted to live in a place where I would enjoy my days off. There’s nothing like a beach day!
Post-Residency Plans: Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship
Scholarly Activity: Risk Factors for the Development of Hyperkalemia with Feed Fortification in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

headshot of Dr. Erica Rubin

Erica Rubin, D.O.
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina
Why MUSC:  Even during virtual interviews, I was able to get a sense of family between the residents, faculty, and staff. I also felt that everyone at MUSC wanted to help you succeed and excel during your time in residency and beyond in your career. There are also many opportunities available to help you meet all your future professional goals. For example, the Medical Education Track, advocacy program, diversity education all were important to me. Most of all, I could see myself flourishing at MUSC and becoming a wonderful pediatrician. The beautiful children's hospital, city of Charleston and great beaches were just the cherries on top!
Post-Residency Plans: Chief Resident then Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship
Scholarly Activity: Staphylococcus aureus persistence after elexacaftor-tezacaftor-ivacaftor initiation; Pediatric Hospital Medicine Medical Education Curriculum

headshot of Dr. Danielle Ruggieri

Danielle Ruggieri, M.D.
Medical School: Albany Medical College
Undergraduate: Davidson College
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because of the wonderful people I met on interview day. Everyone I spoke with, from faculty to residents to program leadership, were so enthusiastic and friendly. It was the very family-like, supportive culture that I was looking for in a program. Additionally, I was drawn to the high level of skilled training I would receive at MUSC, along with special curricular highlights including the global health track. The opportunity to live in the beautiful city of Charleston is a huge perk too!
Post-Residency Plans: Primary Care
Scholarly Activity: Community based advocacy, particularly promoting sports participation and physical activity for children with disabilities

headshot of Dr. Allison Steinhauer

Allison Steinauer, M.D.
Medical School: University of Central Florida
Undergraduate: Colorado State University
Why MUSC: The curriculum at MUSC was the perfect mixture of inpatient experience, specialty exposure, and advocacy/outreach all in a mid-sized academic program that I knew would allow me to fully explore all my future career interests. And even virtually, I could tell that the residents felt supported and knew each other well, even across years. I was also excited to work with a program director who was so passionate about their program and was truly open to resident feedback. The fact that all of these things were found in a program that was also located in the beautiful city of Charleston was just the cherry on top.
Post-Residency Plans: Pediatric critical care medicine fellowship 
Scholarly Activity: Evaluation of Antipsychotic Use for Treatment of Acute Pediatric ICU Delirium at a Single Center

headshot of Dr. John Watts

John Watts, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Duke University
Why MUSC: I had the pleasure of experiencing MUSC Pediatrics first-hand as a student, which made the decision to stay a no-brainer! The faculty are exceptionally dedicated to teaching and mentorship. The residents are just plain fun to be around (and impressive budding clinicians). The opportunities for career exploration are seemingly endless. MUSC is truly a special place to train.
Post-Residency Plans: Primary care
Scholarly Activity:Poster presentation on lymphangiomatosis, newborn nursery thyroid QI project

headshot of Dr. Rachel Wyand

Rachel Wyand, M.D.
Medical School: University of Toledo
Undergraduate: Miami University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC first and foremost because of the people and the positive feeling I got during my interview. I knew it was a place that I would be pushed to learn and grow while also being supported. The curriculum, including academic half days and elective/subspecialty opportunities beginning as an intern, was also a huge factor that drew me in. On top of all the amazing aspects of the program itself, Charleston is such an incredible city with so many beaches, parks, and restaurants as well as abundant sunshine!
Post-Residency Plans: Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship
Scholarly Activity: Low Ventricular Stiffness is Associated with Prolonged Length of Stay After the Fontan Operation in Single Right Ventricle Patients Who Have Undergone the Norwood Procedure.

headshot of Dr. Emilee Young

Emilee Young-Rizk, D.O.
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia Campus
Undergraduate: Emory and Henry College
Why MUSC: The opportunities at MUSC are endless. The new advocacy program, educational curriculum, and ability to practice in a beautiful area drew me to MUSC. The willingness of faculty to teach is unparalleled and it shows in the institution's board pass rate, which makes me confident that I will be prepared for practice when I graduate this residency program. The Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital is a wonderful place to receive residency training and Charleston is a beautiful place to live
Post-Residency Plans: Primary Care
Scholarly Activity: Young, E., R. Wyand, K. Head, and D. Mitchel. Improving Resident Knowledge and Comfort in Nutrition Counseling Through a Novel Grocery Store Tour-based Curriculum. Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Conference Platform Presentation 2023. Washington, D.C.