Image of SJCH Outdoor Staff Space
Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital Outdoor Staff Space

We have a dedicated pediatric wellness curriculum with two attending co-directors that incorporate a longitudinal program and meet with residents annually to discuss their personal wellness. Our program’s first priority is assuring and maintaining a healthy work-life integration (not balance because then you have to take from one side to give to the other!). Our program consists of informational sessions to improve your multiple dimensions of wellness as well as discussions and teachings to improve resiliency and prevent burnout. A resident-led Wellness Committee meets regularly to brainstorm ideas, implement curricular components, and offer support and fun activities inside and outside of work for all of our residents. Our institution has a robust Employee Assistance Program, and we have offered “opt-out” counseling to interns with dedicated time during the workday to attend these sessions. 

Resident-faculty relationships are strengthened over optional book clubs hosted by faculty members in their homes. We also have annual sporting events and crawfish boils that are also well-attended and hosted by faculty. 

Most importantly, we want people to feel happy and healthy in and out of work.  We have done yoga overlooking the harbor, and residents have coordinated many social activities, sporting events, and cultural events to improve camaraderie. Access to the Wellness Center (a large gym with swimming and fitness classes) on campus is provided for free for all residents and many local gyms, sporting events, and family activities offer discounts to MUSC employees which all keep us enjoying the beautiful Lowcountry year-round when we aren’t caring for our beloved patients.