Second Year

Headshot of Dr. Aizcorbe

Nicholas Aizcorbe, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Wofford College
Why MUSC: The Pediatric Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina is that perfect mid-size program that has every specialty exposure that people are searching for mixed with just the right amount of co-residents and faculty. It's obvious that the program really takes into account what type of people are going to be great teammates and friends. The culture of the program is warm and welcoming even in our COVID times. They provide all the educational support and wellness that a resident needs to be successful.

Headshot of Dr. Bartholomeo

Adam Bartholomeo, M.D.
Medical School: University of Connecticut
Undergraduate: University of Connecticut
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because of the people. On interview day, every person I met from administrative staff to residents to program directors had a warm, welcoming, and contagious energy. It was obvious through the innate enthusiasm observed through my interactions with everyone that this would be a program where I would love going into work everyday – and this has held true! MUSC is first and foremost a "human-forward" culture only made that much better with the added bonus of a large academic center and a charming coastal city.

Headshot of Dr. Falgoust

Lindsay Falgoust, M.D.
Medical School: Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College
Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Why MUSC: The curriculum at MUSC, including teaching opportunities, the new advocacy program, and longitudinal Global Health Track really attracted me to MUSC. Additionally, they have a diverse patient population and exposure to multiple different fellowships that leads to a well-rounded training that shows in their match rate and board pass rate, which made me confident the training I will receive at MUSC will prepare me for my career as a physician. And Charleston is a place I could see myself living, which is just an added bonus.

Headshot of Dr. Haj

Magda Haj, M.D.
Medical School: American University of Beirut
Undergraduate: American University of Beirut
Why MUSC: Choosing MUSC was a no brainer for me. It’s a beautiful hospital in a beautiful city. My sister was lucky enough to have moved here 4 years ago, and I have visited the city ever since. MUSC Pediatrics seemed like such a friendly and exceptional program on my interview day, and so far residency has proved that to be accurate. Also, Charleston is such a great city, with awesome beaches, delicious food, and wonderful people. I chose MUSC for its friendliness, for family, and for the fun city.

Headshot of Dr. Harris

William Harris, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Why MUSC: I had a few priorities when I was looking at residency programs. As my home program, I knew MUSC was a mid-size academic program (check) located in a beautiful city with all sorts of opportunities to support a balanced life outside of work (check) with dynamic program leadership (check), strong training in my areas of interest (check), and a great family of residents with diverse passions (check). I still put in a lot of hours on the trail, but the final decision to stay home was easy! 

Headshot of Dr. King

Jeffrey King, M.D.
Medical School: St. Louis University
Undergraduate: Belmont University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because of the incredible faculty that I worked with while on my away rotation. I'm continually impressed by their passion for teaching and the patients that they serve.

Headshot of Dr. Laney

Zegilor Laney, Jr., M.D.
Medical School: University of South Carolina School - Greenville
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina
Why MUSC: I loved the feel. The atmosphere on my interview day was the most welcoming and friendly of all my interviews. I also loved having so much interaction with Dr. Mills! He’s great, and he’s the primary reason I chose MUSC.

Headshot of Dr. McCants

Alden McCants, M.D.
Medical School: University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Why MUSC: Charleston has always been home to me, and I consider myself very blessed to have found a program I'm so excited about in the city I love. This place offers both a challenging academic environment while simultaneous being very supportive. On my interview day, it was obvious that MUSC is a place that attracts hardworking people who don't take themselves too seriously, and that's just the kind of program that I wanted.

Headshot of Dr. Middleton

Faith Middleton, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Duke University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because at the end of the day it felt like home. When thinking about what I wanted in a residency program, the most important aspect that I looked for was a supportive environment. From the program director, program coordinator, faculty members, fellows, chiefs, to current residents, there are countless people always willing to teach and offer help.

Headshot of Dr. Noblett

Bryan Noblett, D.O.
Medical School: University of  North Texas
Undergraduate: Texas Christian University
Why MUSC: I chose MUSC because of the gut feeling I got here on my interview day. Lots of programs had amazing people, a wealth of resources, and cool cities, but this was the only program where I felt people were authentic and sincerely wanted to help me pursue whatever career or life interests that I developed during my time in Charleston. The food scene, access to beaches/cool stuff to do, and brand new children's hospital were additional details that put this place at the top of my list, and I haven't had any regrets since moving here!

Headshot of Dr. Pedigo

Virginia Pedigo, M.D.
Medical School: University of Central Florida
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Why MUSC:  I chose MUSC because I felt truly confident that on a daily basis I would be surrounded by kind, passionate people who want to help me become the best physician, and person, that I can possibly be.

Headshot of Dr. Phillips

Dean Phillips, III, M.D.
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Undergraduate: Texas Tech University
Why MUSC: I think the prospect of starting in a new state of the art children's hospital was appealing. The leadership and faculty was also a major draw, they were all excited for us to be there and open and available to questions. I remember how impressive it was when Dr. Mills made time to go around the room and knew detailed information for each applicant. Lastly... beach!

Headshot of Dr. Stoll

Caitlin Stoll, D.O.
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Auburn Campus
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Why MUSC: After completing my sub-i here I found myself comparing every other program to MUSC, and no other program compared. All of the attendings were not only willing but seemed excited to teach. The residents had such strong bonds and genuinely wanted to be around each other. I also felt that I saw the widest spectrum of pediatric diseases while I was here. Being in a great city close to the beach didn't hurt either.