Five College of Medicine students walking the campus.

Finding A Mentor


Graduate Studies

The Faculty Mentor/Research Interest Search Engine is intended to assist students with searching for graduate faculty members based on research interests and availability (Open in Google Chrome). These are College of Medicine faculty members who mentor medical students and graduate students in the College of Graduate Studies (CGS). Faculty members update their own research profiles and availability. The system allows searches by general terms, mentor availability, research interests, specialty, and department.

Palmetto Profiles

Palmetto Profiles is an HSSC – branded version of the Harvard Profiles social networking and expert profiling system for scientists that has been in place at Harvard Medical School for some years and released as Free Software by that institution. It is setup and maintained by the Office of Biomedical Informatics Services (OBIS) at MUSC, a shared resource of software development expertise between SCTR and HSSC).

Palmetto Profiles creates an expert Profile for a researcher by first creating a list of all publications for that researcher from PubMed, and then indexing that body of work against MeSH subject headings to create a profile of fine-grained expertise by subject inferred for each researcher from their published works. Relationships between researchers are then made possible by examining common expertise profiles, or common authorship, or even the degrees of separation between authors though their publishing authors and common contacts. The goal of this website is to enable researchers and students to easily find and identify collaborators and mentors, and for institutions to identify patterns of expertise within and without their walls.

FLEX Phase

Please check the FLEX Phase home page for information on finding mentors as well as the Research Track home page for finding mentors who are open to students doing research in their labs or clinics.