John P. O'Bryan, Ph.D.

Our laboratory is focused on understanding the regulation of cellular signaling pathways involved in cell growth and tumorigenesis. We are currently focused on the discovery of new ways to inhibit the RAS protooncogene, the most frequently mutated oncogene in human cancers. We are utilizing an unbiased approach that entails use of novel biologics that target RAS and then defining the mechanisms by which these biologics exert their inhibitory activity. We hope to translate these results into small molecule inhibitors of RAS that can then be transitioned into the clinic.

Please see my website for additional details of our work.

Joachim Uys, Ph.D.

The current focus of the NIH-funded research in the Uys lab, is the role of oxidative stress and redox protein signalling in drugs of abuse. These drugs include alcohol, cocaine and heroin. There are numerous techniques and methods available to study how drugs of abuse interact with the redox system. Approaches such as western blotting, immunohistochemistry, proteomics and behavioral models of addiction are frequently used in the Uys lab. Previous Flex phase students investigated the role of phosphorylated proteins in models of alcohol relapse and GST proteins in cocaine seeking.

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