Scholarly Activities

Introduction to Research


Structured training in scholarly activity


Fellow’s research projects typical fall into one of the three following themes:

  • Clinical/translational/basic science research
  • Quality Improvement
  • Medical Education

Mentorship is provided to identify institutional resources, training courses and associated national conference meetings so that each trainee receives the necessary resources to meet their career goals.

The second and third years of fellowship are spent in research time are spent executing the project, presenting the results at a national meeting, and writing/publishing the manuscript. Many opportunities exist to perform more than one project if the fellow chooses. In addition, those interested in a career in research have the opportunity to take graduate coursework and write/obtain grant support for future studies. Opportunity for Master's Degree is offered during 2nd and 3rd years if chosen.


Fellow Accomplishments


Due to strong mentorship and divisional involvement in multicenter research, our fellows have a strong record of academic productivity. Since 2010, current and former fellows of our program have secured a number of national honors that attest to their excellence, have published more then 100 manuscripts and more than 100 abstracts.