Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Faculty

Jeff Jones PhD 

Mentor: Jeff Jones, Ph.D.

Keywords: Basic Science

Research Interests: My laboratory studies extracellular matrix remodeling, the cell-types involved, and the signaling, both biochemical and mechanical, that regulates these processes in pathological conditions such as thoracic aortic aneurysm and heart failure.

Rupak Mukherjee PhD 

Mentor: Rupak Mukherjee, Ph.D.

Keywords: Basic Science

Research Interests: Dr. Mukherjee’s research effort is focused on the structural and electrogenic aspects of cardiac disease progression as these events relate to remodeling of cardiac chambers. In addition, Dr. Mukherjee is interested in determining the mechanisms through which light may affect wound healing and translate these studies into clinical applications. 

Konrad Rajab MD 

Mentor: T. Konrad Rajab, M.D.

Keywords: Basic Science

Research Interests: My laboratory focuses on unsolved problems in congenital cardiac surgery. Our projects include the development of a new operation, studying the immune privilege of heart valves, and medical device design. We are developing a new operation to deliver growing heart valve replacements for young children. This work involves large animal surgery in piglets and small animal surgery in rats.

Robert Sade MD 

Mentor: Robert Sade, M.D. 

Keywords: Ethics,  Basic Science, Clinical Research 

Research Interests: I have interest in research ethics and specific interests in surgical ethics and transplant ethics. We have developed a clinical and translational research ethics certificate program, which has finished over 100 graduates. We also have published over 200 papers on topics in bioethics, surgical ethics, and research ethics, many with mentored residents and students as first author or coauthor in publications in the surgical or the ethics literature.

Sanford Zeigler MD 

Mentor: Sanford Zeigler, M.D.

Keywords: AI and ML, Clinical Research, Qulaity Improvement

My research interests include: Artificial intelligence and machine learning in ICU, Clinical outcomes in aortic surgery, Device development in aortic surgery, Atrial fibrillation surgery, Enhanced recovery after cardiac surgery, and Myocardial protection