Curriculum Syllabus Materials Agreement

The COM syllabus and related materials are intended for the use of students registered and enrolled in the curriculum of the College of Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina and the faculty affiliated with the curriculum of the College of Medicine of this University.

The text and other materials in individual lectures are considered the intellectual property of the designated faculty authors and presenters of those lectures.

Use of cell phones or other camera devices to capture projected curriculum content is strictly prohibited.

Copyrighted images and other materials in these lectures are used with permissions from the owners of copyrights and the publishers, or they are used under provisions of Fair Use Statutes.

No part of this syllabus may be reproduced, shared, transmitted, or sold to other persons not so enrolled, registered, or officially affiliated, in any form or by any means, including as photocopies, optical scans, or other electronic copies, as email attachment, or as electronic transfer file, or incorporated and utilized in any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the designated faculty authors. Permissions may be granted only by those designated authors for the individual lectures only, singly and specifically, and not for the syllabus as a whole.

Copyright violations are illegal, may be considered a breach in professionalism and will be reported to the Dean’s Office.

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