Severe Weather Policy

Policy ID Number: N/A
Policy Title: Severe Weather
Classification: University
Approval Authority: COM Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Responsible Entity: COM Undergraduate Medical Education
Policy Owner: COM Preclerkship Planning and Evaluation Committee; Clinical Science Planning and Evaluation Committee

I. Policy Statement

This policy outlines procedures in the case of a severe weather event.

II. Scope

This applies to College of Medicine students.

III. Approval Authority

The Preclerkship Planning and Evaluation Committee for the Preclerkship phase and Clinical Science Planning and Evaluation Committee for the clinical phase will oversee periodic updates to this policy. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has full and final authority for policy approval.

IV. Purpose of This Policy

To provide guidance on attendance during and following a severe weather event.

V. Who Should Be Knowledgeable about This Policy

COM students, residents, fellows, faculty, course directors, course coordinators

VI. The Policy

Once the Provost has cancelled classes due to severe weather, ALL students must leave campus. This includes students in clinical rotations, laboratories and classes.
Although announcements will be made, students can call 792-6872 (MUSC Info line) whenever additional information regarding class cancellations is required. If evacuating, Preclerkship students should take study materials and electronic devices necessary to access online resources that may be provided to substitute for lectures or other activities. Students should also remember to take necessary clinical items such as stethoscope and white coat when evacuating. All returns will follow official University notice to resume classes.

VII. Special situations

Cancellation of activities due to severe weather may require adjustment in scheduling following evacuation. Preclerkship scheduling changes will be made to ensure that all curricular learning objectives are satisfied through appropriate class lectures and other activities which may, if necessary, include weekends or previously designated breaks. Clinical clerkship study days may be utilized to complete required clinical experiences as the day(s) off can be used for studying.

Students who are on away rotations should follow the guidance provided by their host institution.

AnMed clinical students will follow guidance of their Campus Dean and Student Affairs.

VIII. Sanctions for Non-compliance


IX. Related Information

A. References, citations

COM handbook

B. Other

C. Appendices

X. Communication Plan

Students enrolled in COM will be educated about this policy at their orientation to the Preclerkship and Clinical Phases and at additional information sessions following any substantial update of the policy. All faculty are asked to review key policies related to education on an annual basis. Course directors will be notified annually via email to review the policy and more often if substantial changes are adopted.

XI. Definitions


XII. Review Cycle

Every 2 years.

XIII. Approval History

Approval Authority Date Approved
Clinical Sciences Planning and Evaluation Committee October 10, 2018
Preclerkship Planning and Evaluation Committee October 17, 2018
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee October 19, 2018

XIV. Approval Signature

Donna Kern, MD October 19, 2018
Title: Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, College of Medicine