Kalivas Laboratory Publications

Publications for Project 1

Roberts-Wolfe DJ, JA Heinsbroek, S Spencer, AC Bobadilla, ACW Smith and PW Kalivas.  2020.  Transient synaptic potentiation in nucleus accumbens shell during refraining from cocaine seeking. Addict Biol., 25: e12759 PMC7371007

Kruyer, A, V Chioma and PW Kalivas.  2020.  The opioid addicted tetrapartite synapse. Biol Psychiatry, 87: 34-43. PMC6898767

Garcia-Keller, C, MD Scofield, D Neuhofer, S Varanaxi, E Anderson, CT Richie, J Pickel, BT Hope, BK Harvey, CW Cowan and PW Kalivas. 2020. Relapse-associated transient synaptic plasticity requires integrin-mediate activation of focal adhesion kinase and cofilin.  J Neuroscience, 40: 8463-8477.  PMC7605418

Neuhofer, D, SM Spencer, VC Chioma, LN Beloate, D Schwartz and PW Kalivas. 2020. The loss of NMDAR-dependent LTD following cannabinoid self-administration is restored by positive allosteric modulation of CB1 receptors. Addiction Biol., 25: e12843.  PMC7962172

Kruyer, A and PW Kalivas. 2020. Astrocytes as key cellular mediators of relapse. Cur Op Pharmacology, 56: 1-6.  PMC7910316 

Chioma, VC, A Kruyer, A-C Bobadilla, MD Scofield, A Angelis, Z Ellison and PW Kalivas.  2021.  Heroin extinction and seeking induces cell specific matrix metalloproteinase activity in tetrapartite synapses.  Biol Psychiatry, 89: 947-958.

Kruyer, A D. Dixon, A. Angelis, D Amato and PW Kailvas.  2022.  Astrocytes in the ventral pallidum extinguish heroin seeking through GAT-3 upregulation and morphological plasticity in D1-MSN terminals. Mol Psychiatry, 27: 855-864.  PMC9054673

Publications for Project 2

Heinsbroek, JA, A-C Bobadilla, E Dereschewitz, A Assali, RM Chalhoub, CW Cowan and PW Kalivas.  2020.  Opposing regulation of cocaine seeking by glutamate and enkephalin neurons in the ventral pallidum.  Cell Reports, 30: 2018-27, PMC7045305

Bobadilla, A-C, E Dereschewitz, L Vaccaro, A Assali, JA Heinsbroek, M Scofield and PW Kalivas. 2020. Cocaine and sucrose seeking ensembles in the nucleus accumbens core.  Mol Psychiatry, 25:3150-3163.

Nall, RW, JA Heinsbroek, TB Nentwig, PW Kalivas* and AC Bobadilla*.  2021.  Circuit selectivity in drug versus natural reward seeking behaviors. J Neurochemistry, 157: 1450-1472.  PMC8178159

Nall, RW, RM Chalhoub and PW Kalivas.  2022.  Drug versus Non-Drug Behaviors: A Dual-Reward Model of Sex Differences and Neurobiological Mechanisms in Rats. J Exp. Analysis Behav., 117: 457-471.

Kruyer, A, A Angelis, C Garcia-Keller, H Li and PW Kalivas.  2022.  Plasticity in astrocyte subpopulations regulates heroin relapse.  Science Advances, 8,https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.abo7044


Publications for Project 3

Garcia-Keller, C, C Smiley, C Monforton, PW Kalivas* and J Gass*.  2020.  N-acetylcysteine treatment during acute stress prevents stress-induced augmentation of addictive drug use and relapse.  Addict Biol, 25: e12798, PMC7439767.

Carter, JS, AM Kearns, KM Vollmer, C Garcia-Keller, RA Weber, NL Baker, PW Kalivas and CM Reichel.  2020.  Long term impact of acute restraint stress on heroin self-administration, reinstatement and stress reactivity.  Psychopharmacol, 237: 1709-1721.  PMC7857092

Garcia-Keller, C, JS Jordan, A Kruyer, AM Kearns, JL Hopkins, R Hodebourg, PW Kalivas* and C Reichel*.  2021.  Behavioral and synaptic plasticity induced by cues associated with restraint stress.  Neuropsychopharmacology, 46: 1848-1856.  PMC8357931

Hodebourg, R, M Meyerinck, A Crow, C Reichel, PW Kalivas* and C Garcia-Keller*. 2022. Cannabis use changes conditioned stress responses. Neuropsychopharmacology, 47: 1037-1045. PMC8938410

Publications for Project 4 

Ward, P, H Moss, T Brown, PW Kalivas and D Jenkins.  2020. N-acetylcysteine mitigates acute opioid withdrawal behaviors and CNS oxidative stress in neonatal rats.  Pediatric Res, 88:77-84.  PMC7326708

Back, SE, K Gray, ES Ana, JL Jones, AM Jarnecke, JE Joseph, J Prisciandaro, T Killeen, DG Brown, L Taimina, E Compean, R Malcolm, JC Flanagan and PW Kalivas. 2020. N-acetylcysteine for the Treatment of Comorbid Alcohol Use Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Design and Methodology of a Randomized Clinical Trial, Contemporary Clin Trials, 91: 105961. PMC7333883

Chalhoub, RM and PW Kalivas. 2020. Non-opioid Treatments for Opioid Dependence: Rationales and Data to Date. Drugs, 80: 1509-1524.  PMC7541583

Maier, A, A Dharan, G Oliver, M Berk, S Redston, SE Back, PW Kalivas, C Ng, R Antony and A Kanaan.  2020.  A multi-centre, double blind, 12-week, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to assess the efficacy of adjunctive N-Acetylcysteine for treatment-resistant PTSD: a study protocol.  BMC Psychiatry, 20: 397.

Nall, R, T Penaloza, L Belote, J Doolittel, B Froeliger, PW Kalivas* and C Garcia-Keller*.  2021.  Synergism between varenicline and N-acetylcysteine promotes inhibition of nicotine use and seeking.  Addiction Biol, 27: e13151.

Hodebourg, R, PW Kalivas* and A Kruyer. 2022. Extrasynaptic therapeutic targets in substance use and stress disorders.  Tr Pharm Sci (TiPS), 43: 56-68.  PMC8688303

Fredriksson, I, PA Melas, PW Kalivas, N Jayaram-Lindstrom and P Steensland. 2023. N-acetylcysteine improves impulse control and attenuates relapse-like alcohol intake in long-term drinking rats. Behavioral Brain Res, 436, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bbr.2022.114089

Kruyer, A*, PW Kalivas* and MD Scofield*.  2023.  Astrocyte regulation of synaptic signaling in psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychopharm Rev, in press.

Bradlow, RCJ, M Berk, PW Kalivas, SE Back and RA Kanaan.  2023.  The potential of N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) in treating psychiatric disorders. CNS Drugs, in press.

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