Community-Based Learning Collaborative

A Community-Based Learning Collaborative (CBLC) is a 14-18 month intensive training, skill building, and structured community implementation process for Evidence Supported Treatments (ESTs). In a CBLC, professionals from several communities work together to build and sustain their community capacity to provide an EST.

  • A CBLC includes mental health treatment providers, brokers of mental health services (i.e., those who identify and refer abused children to treatment providers), senior leaders, and other community stakeholders, including consumers. Providers learn to deliver the EST, while brokers learn Evidence-Based Treatment Planning, and Case Management skills related to the EST.
  • Each community forms a Community Change Team (CCT) comprised of professionals committed to learning, building skill and competence, and delivering the EST to every child that needs it in their community. Agency senior leaders, supervisors, frontline therapists and caseworkers are involved in all aspects of the CBLC to promote thorough community implementation and sustained use of the EST.
  • The CBLC approach includes multiple intensive and advanced training events, action period activities, ongoing case consultation, consultation about implementation barriers, and other types of technical assistance.
  • The faculty is composed of nationally known experts in the EST and community implementation challenges. Participants in the CBLC work together collaboratively and “share relentlessly” to maximize the impact of the training experiences, solve barriers to implementation, and share materials, ideas, and experiences.
  • Progress is measured using relevant individual, agency, and community metrics.

Approximate Timeline of a CBLC

Months 1 to 2:  Application process, form CCTs

Months 2 to 3: Pre-Work Phase

Month 4: Learning Session 1

Months 5 to 7: Action Period 1

Month 8: Learning Session 2

Months 9 to 11: Action Period 2

Month 12: Evaluation