Course Materials

Clerkship Requirements

Attendance (PDF)

Call (PDF) - Each student is required to take 3 days of call. Two weekday and one weekend day are required.

ECT - Student must attend a minimum of one ECT session.

Grand Rounds

Lectures (PDF)

PX/DX Logs (PDF) - This requirement must be completed by the fifth Sunday of the rotation.

Senior Mentor Project (PDF)

Simulation Center - Each student is required to complete one sim center module

Weekend Coverage (PDF)

Recommended for Reference

Books of Interest Related to Psychiatry (PDF)

Resources for NBME Subject Exam & Step 2 (PDF)

Personal Reading about Bipolar Disorder (optional): Jamison, KR. An Unquiet Mind, 1st Ed. Random House,1997 (paperback edition). ISBN: 0679763309