Our division in conjunction with faculty from the Center for Biomedical Imaging are dedicated to improving the health of our children through advances in imaging technology and implementation. Our projects range from basic science to clinical applications with numerous ongoing projects.


Abdominal radiography usage in the emergency department for constipation.

The objectives of this study was to identify factors associated with obtaining an AR and to determine if obtaining an AR was associated with a longer length of stay (LOS) for children diagnosed with constipation in the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED).

iPad usage as an adjunct to the child life specialist for the alleviation of anxiety and pain during voiding cystourethrograms.

The objective of this study is to determine if IPAD games and movies can serve as an effective nonpharmacologic distraction technique for the amelioration of pain and anxiety during voiding cystourethrograms.

The utility of pre-procedural scout radiographs in routine pediatric fluoroscopic examinations.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the utility of routine pre-procedural scout radiographs. We hypothesize that these radiographs provide little to no information in the performance and interpretation of routine pediatric fluoroscopic procedures, serving to only increase radiation dose.

Survey of radiology resident financial planning preparedness and indebtedness.

The objective of this study is to determine the resident's perspective of their financial intelligence as well as how financial burdens affect their personal and professional lives.