February 2019


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Mark Your Calendars: 

February 21 - Plastics Independent Interview Social: Bay Street Biergarten

February 22 - Plastics Independent Interviews and General Surgery Sim lab (PGY 3&4)

Faculty Development

February 15 - Eric Holmboe, MD,MACP, FRCP, Executive Director ACGME (Program Directors and Program Coordinators only)

April 30 - Bedside Teaching – DavidMills, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. William Arthur Ward

Surgery programs receive favorable ACGME actions

Annually the ACGME reviews our programs based on what we report through the ACGME system.

Here are the accreditation decisions:

  • General Surgery – Continued Accreditation
  • Vascular Surgery – Continued Accreditation
  • Surgical Critical Care – Continued Accreditation
  • Cardiothoracic – Continued Accreditation
  • Plastics Fellowship – Continued Accreditation
  • Plastics Integrated – Continued Accreditation without outcomes(positive from initial accreditation until they graduate their first resident)