January 2019


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Mark Your Calendars: 

January 11 - Plastics Integrated Interviews

January 25-28 - Surgery ABSITE Exams

February 22 - Plastics Independent Interviews

Interview Socials

Jan 10- Plastics Integrated: Bay St. Biergarten

Jan 4 - CT: Dr. Katz's Home

February 21- Plastics Independent: Bay Street Biergarten

Faculty Development

January 29: Feedback and Assessment - Elisha Brownfield, MD

February 15 - Eric Holmboe, MD,MACP, FRCP, Executive Director ACGME (Program Directors and Program Coordinators only)

April 30 - Bedside Teaching – DavidMills, MD, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

To teach is to learn twice - Joseph Joubert