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Halsted Society Meeting shines a light on MUSC surgical expertise

MUSC department of Surgery announces the formation of a new Colorectal Surgery division

MUSC Honors Three New Endowed Chairs in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Heart Center Continues to Earn Three-Star Rating for Congenital Heart Surgery

NCI awards $3M grant to Hollings Cancer Center immunotherapy team

MUSC grads grow family to four, thanks to collaboration that saves lives of moms-to-be

Cancer patient warms up to hot chemo treatment

First South Carolina patient treated with recently FDA approved dissection endovascular system

T-VEC offers promising treatment for melanoma

Natural antioxidant helps improve immune-based therapies by modulating T-cells

A Day in the Life of a Trauma Surgeon

Grateful Family Pays it Forward With $1.5 Million Gift Towards Transplant Research

New Clinical Trial Treats Complex Aortic Aneurysms

David B. Adams, M.D. Receives State of South Carolina's Highest Honor

Michael Yost, Ph.D. Named to National Academy of Inventors

Newly approved procedure improves recovery time for LVAD patients: Dr. Lozonschi amazed at patient’s mobility after heart pump implanted

Triple Combination Cancer Immunotherapy Improves Outcomes in Preclinical Melanoma Model

No longer awaiting game: new rib fixation technology enables rib stabilization

Milk of human kindness

New immunotherapy for lung cancer shows promise of success

MUSC oncology surgeon, Clemson students join forces for inspiring innovation

Mitral valve patients get robotic option that dramatically shortens recovery time

Families come together for 1st compatible kidney transplant exchange in state

Child's large tumor leads to a first for South Carolina

Innovations in the Management of Chronic Pancreatitis

Agents of Change: Specialists at the MUSC Breast Center innovate to advance care for women with breast cancer

Teamwork makes heart procedures less invasive, reduces recovery time

Pediatric heart surgery ranks nationally

Surgeons use innovative robotic advance in breast reconstruction

New minimally invasive surgery for patients with tumors in the lower rectum

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