Fostering Wellness: resident-driven wellness study

Resident burnout is associated with increased adverse patient events and increased incidence of depression and suicide when compared to the general population. In an effort to address burnout, a wellness initiative team led by Andrea Abbott, M.D., MSCR developed a resident-driven wellness study. 

Denise Garcia, M.D., PGY-3  is the primary author of the research manuscript that was accepted for publication in Journal of Surgical Research. The initial step was to survey the general surgery residents to assess their wellness.

Upon review of the results, they  developed an implementation plan supported with department and philanthropic funds to meet the desired changes. Those changes included providing two protected weekday personal days per year, modernization of the resident workspace, and additional meal funds. 

The team then did two post-follow up surveys at 6 months and 15 months to assess resident wellness and found significant changes in perceptions of wellness opportunities, time for wellness, and improved quality of life.