Health and Wellness Routines Adds Resiliency

As part of the Department’s Health and Wellness initiative, Colleen Cloud, program manager in the Center for Cellular Therapy, offered to make it easy for faculty, staff and residents stay active even in times of high stress, anxiety and isolation by sending an early morning email with a new and invigorating workout. Feedback was very positive. Cloud says every day she receives emails from people telling her how much they appreciate her workouts.   

In addition to Cloud’s exercise workouts to reduce stress and anxiety, Katherine Morgan, M.D., chief of GI Surgery, provided some calm through weekly reflection emails to faculty and staff covering topics of community, stress reduction and how to even enjoy this pause or reset in the world. “Don’t be hard on yourself to maximize this time for accomplishment or to clean every closet (unless you want to). Choose opportunities that feel good to you in this time,” she writes.