General Considerations

 General Considerations

Applying to your first faculty or staff position after training may seem exciting but daunting.  For some it may be a fast process that falls into place and for others it may be a long tedious journey that consumes much of one’s last year of training.  The job may involve moving and even job changes for a significant other.  Job applications often occur simultaneously to fellowship applications for some residents.

There are several key considerations as you begin this process:

  1. Work being conducted

  2. Location

  3. Family and personal considerations

  4. Salary and Benefits – including RVU targets and bonuses

  5. Leave

  6. No compete clauses

  7. Coverage – are there adequate mechanisms to use leave

  8. Use of third party “head hunter” or contract lawyer vs self

  9. Length of contract and “out clauses”

  10.  Academic, private practice, or state/federal practice

  11.  Loan repayment opportunities

  12.  Moving bonus or incentives

It never hurts to have multiple options. Your first job does not have to be your perfect long term job. Being prepared is key and timing is important.   It never hurts to begin the job search process early. Even if a position is not open, relationships and networks are established that later pave the way for a potential job opportunity.   Being persistent without being overbearing or demanding is also important. There is a time and place for everything throughout the “interview process.” Your initial goal is to get the employer to show interest in you and gain enough information to decide if it is worth the investment of time. You never want to jump too quickly into specifics or begin by demanding certain things on first contact.  Faculty on campus and in the GME office are willing to assist you with the career planning process.