Past Fellows

Kelsey Allen, M.D.
Faculty, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Niche:  Psychiatric Emergencies and Quality Improvement 

Carrie Busch, M.D., MSCR
Dual faculty, PEM and CAP at MUSC
Interest/Niche: QI, Research

Jenny Calder, M.D.
Faculty, Wake Forest
Interest/Niche: Health Disparities and
Evidence-Based Medicine  

Cody Carpenter, M.D.                                                              
Private PEM practice in Charlotte, NC                                         
Interest/Niche: Ultrasound curriculum development 

Quinn Cummings, M.D.
MUSC Ultrasound Fellowship

Savanna Dincman, M.D.
Private PEM practice in Summerville, SC
Interest/Niche: Medical Education, Ethics, Simulation 

Jon Henderson, M.D. (Emergency Medicine)
Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine/QI and
Patient Safety EM Residency
Interest/Niche: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Armed Forces

Kate Hewett, M.D.
Private PEM practice in Summerville, SC
Interest/Niche: Family education and Toxicology

Matthew Moake, M.D.
Faculty, MUSC     
Interest/Niche: Ultrasound and Clinical Research

Alex Monroe, M.D.
Dual Faculty Adult and PEM at Emory
Interest/Niche: Global Health and QI

Jaime Kaye Otillio, M.D.
Faculty, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Interest/Niche: Medical Education

Dan Park, M.D., MBA 
Faculty, UNC and Ultrasound Director                                         
Interest/Niche: Ultrasound and Research                                               

Elysha Pifko, M.D.
Faculty, DuPont and Quality Improvement Co-Director
Interest/Niche: QI

Amanda Price, M.D.
Faculty, MUSC                                                                                 
Interest/Niche: Simulation and Medical Education

Lauren Robison, M.D.
Faculty, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Niche:  Administration and Pediatric Hospital Readiness

Morgan Sims, M.D.
Faculty, UNC Chapel Hill
Niche: QI and Health Disparities

Becca Starr, D.O.
Faculty, Louisville and Ultrasound Co-Director
Interest/Niche: Ultrasound