Digital Health Solutions

MUSC Digital Health Solutions (formerly the Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles) Software Engineering Team is one of the teams within BMIC. Digital Health Solutions (DHS) has extensive experience developing software and information systems for mobile smart phones, personal digital assistants, iPad®/tablet technologies, web-based computer assisted programs, interactive call centers, and others, which implement and monitor various health behaviors (e.g., symptom management, physical activity, diet, stress reduction, smoking prevention/cessation, biomarker monitoring and medication adherence). DHS has the infrastructure and skillset to complete hardware configuration, software development, deployment, and maintenance of applications in a secure encrypted environment. The programming paradigm is to develop software systems based on an n-tier architecture, where the presentation layer, business logic and data layers are created into separate software systems. These systems are developed to minimize maintenance and provide a robust scalable model for future growth and interaction using a unified modeling language. DHS has a proven track record of designing, developing, integrating, deploying, and maintaining software application systems for various healthcare arenas. 

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MUSC Digital Health Solutions