Research Funding Highlights


  • Research Grant: Cell survival in engineered skeletal muscle: The role of complement
    Principal Investigator: Michael Yost, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: NIH/NIBIB
  • Research Grant: A Murine Model of Intimal Hyperplasia and Its Treatment With Vepoloxamer
    Principal Investigator: Michael Yost, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Hirodika Bioscience Inc.
  • Research Grant: Development and pilot implementation of a novel mobile health app for postoperative wound triage
    Principal Investigator: Heather Evans, M.D., MS
    Extramural Sponsors: SCTR
  • Research Grant: A Prospective Multicenter Randomized Controlled Clinical Study to Investigate the Safety and Effectiveness of RES
    Principal Investigator: Steven Kahn, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Avita Medical Americas, LLC
  • Research Grant: APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network (APOLLO) Clinical Center
    Principal Investigator: Derek DuBay, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: University of Alabama, Birmingham/NIDDK
  • Research Grant: A 12-month, open-label, multicenter, randomized, safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetic (PK)and pharmacodynamics (PD) study of two regimens of anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody,CFZ533 vs. standard of care control, in adult de novo liver transplant recipients with a 12-month additional follow-up (CONTRAIL I)
    Principal Investigator: Derek DuBay, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Novartis Corp
  • Research Grant: The Effects of Conversion to Once-Daily Envarsus on the Neurologic Toxicity Burden inLiver Transplant Recipients
    Principal Investigator: Derek DuBay, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Veloxis Pharmaceuticals,Inc
  • Research Grant: A pivotal phase 3 trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Clazakizumab for the treatment of chronic active antibody-mediated rejection in the kidney transplant recipients 
    Principal Investigator: Vinaya Rao, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Icon Clinical Research Inc.
  • Research Grant: Evaluation of Patient Outcomes From the Kidney Allograft Outcomes AlloSure Registry(KOAR) sub-study: Outcomes of KidneyCare on Renal Allografts (OKRA)
    Principal Investigator: Vinaya Rao, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: CareDx Inc
  • Research Grant: A single center randomized open-label Controlled Clinical Trial assessing the impact on Exparel on decreasing opioid utilization in kidney transplant recipients
    Principal Investigator: Vinayak Rohan, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Research Grant: Programming Metabolically Fit TILs for Immunotherapy
    Principal Investigator:Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: NIH/NCI
  • Research Grant: Anti-Oxidant and Metabolic Phenotype in Regulating Tumor Specific T cell Memory Response
    Principal Investigator: Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: NIH/NCI
  • Research Grant: Understanding Metabolic and Epigenetic Cross Talk in Potent Anti tumor T cells
    Principal Investigator: Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: NIH/NCI
  • Research Grant: Improving adoptive cellular therapy with the transfer of the IL-2Ra gene
    Principal Investigator: Mark Rubinstein, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: SCTR
  • Research Grant: Macrocycle Inhibitors of NRP2b dependent metastasis and drug resistance
    Principal Investigator: Patrick Nasarre, Ph.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: FRD
  • Research Grant: Creon® (pancrelipase) therapy for subjects with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)dueto pancreatic cancer: A double-blind, randomized, parallel design with 2 dose cohorts of pancrelipase in resected pancreatic cancer subjects and an open-label single dose cohort innon-resected pancreatic cancer subjects
    Principal Investigator: Katherine Morgan, M.D.
  • Research Grant: Enhancing Recovery in Children Undergoing Surgery (ENRICH-US) for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    Principal Investigator: Robert Cina, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Northwestern University
  • Research Grant: Optimal resuscitation in pediatric trauma - an EAST multicenter study Christian Streck, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/NICHD
  • Research Grant: A novel telemedicine optimized burn intervention (TOBI) for pediatric burn-injured patients and their caregivers
    Principal Investigator: Aaron Lesher, M.D., MSCR
    Extramural Sponsors: NIH/NICHD
  • Research Grant: A multicenter, multinational, randomized, controlled, open label study, performed in children with thermal burns, to evaluate the efficacy and safety of NexoBrid as compared to standard of care (SOC) treatment
    Principal Investigator: Aaron Lesher, M.D., MSCR
    Extramural Sponsors: Mediwound
  • Research Grant: A Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized, Subject and Evaluator Blinded Comparative Study of Nerve Cuffs and Advance Nerve Graft Evaluation Recovery Outcomes for the Repair of Nerve Discontinuities (RECON)
    Principal Investigator: Milton Armstrong, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: AxoGen Corporation
  • Research Grant: Breast Reconstruction Outcomes Studies Using a Prospective Recorded Breast Database of Patients
    Principal Investigator: Fernando Herrera, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: Allergan Foundation
  • Research Grant: Prevena Restro Bellaform
    Principal Investigator: Kevin Delaney, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: KCI US, Inc.
  • Research Grant: A Pilot Study Examining Conscious Awareness and Cognitive Experiences During Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest 
  • Principal Investigator: Sanford Zeigler, M.D.
    Extramural Sponsors: New York Univ. School of Medicine/John Templeton Foundation