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Current & Recent Interns

Marta Korom

Marta is standing beside a window and is smiling. She has on a cream color blazer and her brown hair is pulled into a ponytail.

Marta is a pre-doctoral clinical psychology intern at MUSC and a doctoral candidate in the clinical science program at the University of Delaware. Her graduate research focuses on the short- and long-term effects of parenting quality on the neural, behavioral, cognitive, and hormonal (cortisol) regulation of adversity-exposed infants and adolescents. Marta uses structural and functional MRI (gross activation, network analysis), saliva sampling, behavioral and cognitive measures to understand how parenting interventions can promote resilience among infants who were exposed to opioids in-utero and adolescents with a history of Child Protective Services involvement. At MUSC, Marta examines the associations between interpersonal violence, anxiety outcomes, and neural processing of threat during adolescence. For her post-doctoral training, Marta will be joining Dr. Katharina Kircanski and Dr. Daniel Pine's work at NIMH.

Nadia Bounoua, Ph.D. 

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Nadia was a pre-doctoral Intern with the Charleston Consortium Psychology Internship Program at MUSC. She completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Science at the University of Delaware in 2023, where she was supported by a 3-year National Research Service Award, F31 fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health. She defended her dissertation titled “Neurobiological Sequelae of Childhood Maltreatment: Potential Mechanisms to Risky, Impulsive and Self-Destructive Behaviors” in May 2022. Her research centers on understanding the impact of stress, broadly defined, on neurobiological and psychological functioning in high-risk samples of adolescents and adults. Dr. Bounoua is now an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park.



Current & Recent Fellows

Rachel Siciliano, PhD

Rachel is wearing a black top and is smiling at the camera. She has dark, shoulder length hair.

Dr. Rachel Siciliano completed her clinical internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and obtained her doctoral degree in Clinical Science from Vanderbilt University in 2023. Her research focuses broadly on understanding and mitigating the impact of traumatic events in youth and families. Dr. Siciliano’s work is centered on examining biological and psychological patterns of reactivity and regulation, as well as social and contextual factors that contribute to resilience and risk in the development of psychopathology in high-risk youth. She is passionate about trauma-informed assessment and intervention, and dissemination evidence-based treatments.

Morgan Goodyear, MD