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Patient Services

The Division of Endocrinology at MUSC has a team of highly trained endocrinologists that treat patients in various facilities in the Charleston area and provide specialized clinics to meet the individual needs of our patients. 

Outpatient Services - Downtown Charleston

  • Private Diagnostic Clinic: Located on the 7th floor of Rutledge Tower, the Private Diagnostic Clinic is available for patients with endocrine disorders. All endocrine diseases, including thyroid disorders, diabetes, adrenal disorder, pituitary/hypothalamic disorders, obesity, gonadal disorders, calcium/bone disorders and cholesterol disorders are treated in the PDC. To schedule an appointment call: 843-792-9200.

  • IDEAL Clinic: (Intensive Diabetes Education and Awareness Lifestyle) Located on the 7th floor of Rutledge Tower, the IDEAL clinic focuses on patients with difficult to manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This program uses a team approach of Physicians, Clinical Diabetes Educators (CDE), Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists, and Counselors. All patients are referred and scheduled to this clinic through the Private Diagnostic Clinic.

  • Hollings Cancer Center Clinic:The MUSC thyroid clinic occurs every Tuesday in the Hollings Cancer Center facility. This clinic is open to patients with thyroid cancer or pituitary issues. To schedule an appointment call 843-792-9300.

  • Veteran's Administration Hospital: Our Division supports our nation's veterans by conducting a general endocrine clinic at the nearby Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. Consultations and follow-up visits take place every Wednesday afternoon. Veterans who wish to be seen in this clinic must be referred by a VA physician.
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Endocrine Telemedicine Clinic

Beginning July 10th, endocrinology services will be offered at MUSC’s specialty outpatient clinic in Murrells Inlet, SC, on a weekly basis through telemedicine.

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Inpatient Services

The Division offers subspecialty referral services at University Hospital and the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. For more information, read about our Diabetes Management Service.