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Conference Agenda

Friday, February 16, 2024

7:30 am Registration/Breakfast/Exhibits

8:00 Opening Remarks
Pamela B Morris, M.D. & Marc Cornier, M.D.

Predicting the Future: It’s a Risky Business
Moderator: Pamela B Morris, M.D.

8:15 Patients in Cardiometabolic Jeopardy:  Evolving Strategies
for Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Donald Lloyd-Jones, M.D.

8:45 Refining Management of Women at Risk: Female Specific
Risk Factors

Martha Gulati, M.D.

9:15 Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words: The Role of Imaging in CV
Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Matthew Budoff, M.D.

9:45 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Pamela B Morris, M.D.
Panelists: Drs. Lloyd Jones, Gulati, Budoff

10:15 Break with Exhibitors

The Continuum of Risk in Cardiometabolic Disease: Approaches to Management of Prediabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Diabetes
Moderator: Marc Cornier, M.D.

10:30 am Getting Ahead of the Curve: Definitions, Detection, and
Management of Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Harshi Karanchi, M.D.

11:00 am Where Lie the Keys to Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes?
Finding the Perfect Fit in Contemporary Diabetes

Kathie Hermayer, M.D.

11:30 am Panel Discussion
Moderator: Marc Cornier, M.D.
Panelist:  Drs. Karanchi, Hermayer

12:00pm Lunch on your own

Tipping the Scale in Obesity
Moderator: Marc Cornier, MD

1:00 Obesity as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor
Sheldon Litwin, M.D.

1:30 When Lifestyle Alone Misses the Mark: Pharmacological
Advances for Management of Obesity

Marc Cornier, M.D.

2:00 Update on New ASMBS/IFSO Guidelines for Metabolic and
Bariatric Surgery

Rana Pullatt, M.D.

2:30 Panel Discussion
Moderator: Marc Cornier, M.D.
Panelist:  Drs. Litwin, Cornier, Pullatt

2:50 Closing Remarks
Pamela B Morris, M.D.

2:55 MOC Assessment

3:00 Adjourn

Saturday, February 17, 2024

7:30 am Registration/Breakfast/Exhibits

8:00  Opening Remarks
Pamela B Morris, M.D. & Marc Cornier, M.D.

Changing the Paradigm: The Top Recent Trials in Preventive Cardiology and Cardiometabolic Health
Moderator: Marc Cornier, M.D.

8:15  Trial #1
Pamela B Morris, M.D.

8:25  Trial #2
Mattew Budoff, M.D.

8:35  Trial #3
Martha Gulati, M.D.

8:45  Trial #4
Marc Cornier, M.D.

8:55 Trial #5
Donald Lloyd Jones, M.D.

9:05                 Panel Discussion
Drs. Morris, Budoff, Bairey Merz, Cornier, Lloyd Jones

9:30 Break with Exhibitors

Driving in the Fast Lane: Buckle Up for Rapid Advances in Lipid Lowering
Moderator: Pamela B Morris, M.D.

9:45 Big Questions About Lp “little” (a)
Ashley Waring, M.D.

10:05 The Greatest Challenge: Targeting Triglyceride-rich
Lipoproteins and Their Remnants

Marc Cornier, M.D.

10:25 LDL-C Lowering Therapies: A Tale of Exponential Growth
Pamela B Morris, M.D.

10:45 Complex Case Discussions with Panelist
Case Presenters:  Kellie McLain, ANP-C, CLS,
  Panelists: Drs. Waring, Cornier, Morris, Gulati, Budoff

11:30 Lunch: The Most Important Voice of All: Learning to
Hear the Patient’s Perspective

Moderators: Marc Cornier, M.D. and Pamela B Morris, M.D.
1. Learning to Live Beyond the Diagnosis in Diabetes
2. Familial Hypercholesterolemia or Statin Intolerance
3. The Challenges and Stigmata of Obesity

The 360 Degree View: Cardiometabolic Disease and Organs at Risk
Moderators: Pamela B Morris, M.D. and Marc Cornier, M.D.

12:30 pm MASH, MASLD, MetALD: New Names, New
Insights in Liver Disease

Andrew Schreiner, M.D. 

1:00 A New Era in Renal Protection in Cardiometabolic Disease
Chak Inampudi, M.D.

1:30 Managing the Cardiometabolic Health of Two or More (!):
Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

Martha Gulati, M.D.

2:00 When You Just Can’t Seem to Sleep it Off: Cardiovascular
Risk and Sleep Apnea

Greg Jackson, M.D.

2:30 Panel Discussion
Panelists: Drs. Schreiner, Inampudi, Gulati, Jackson

2:45 Closing Remarks
Pamela B Morris, M.D. and Marc Cornier, M.D  .      

2:50 MOC Assessment

3:00 Adjourn