Research Symposium Poster Presentation

Abstract Submissions

The Department of Medicine 15th Annual Research Symposium will be held on Friday, April 29, 2022. Submit your abstract and video pitch by March 21st by 5 p.m.

How to Participate:

Step 1:
Complete your Abstract word document (see guidelines and example below).

Step 2:
Complete the Research Symposium Abstract Submission Form below.

Step 3:
Create your 3- 5 minute Abstract Video Pitch (Video or Audio-Only accepted- See below for guidelines) and add the URL to the top of your Abstract word document (preferred method). If completing after your Abstract submission email your video URL to

Step 4:
Prepare for the Research Symposium. Oral and Poster Presenters are required to use an MUSC Department of Medicine branded Powerpoint. Download the Research Symposium PowerPoint template (PPTX doc).



To participate in the Research Symposium, you must:

  • Be a Department of Medicine Junior Faculty member, Fellow, Resident, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Student, Staff Scientist, Research Specialist, Program Coordinator, or Graduate Student. (Medical Students will count in the division only if there is a direct divisional collaboration.)
  • Have worked with a Department of Medicine Faculty member of MUSC during the previous year.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstract Length: less than 3,000 total characters (including spaces). No more than 1 page.
  • Abstract must be submitted as a Word Document. Please make sure it is the final version (no track changes showing)
  • Style/Font: Arial 11
  • Abstract should be structured in the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion and include Title, Participant’s Name, Division and Affiliation.
  • Abstract Example
  • If you submit an abstract and are affiliated with the Department of Medicine, you may be asked to present as an oral presenter.
  • Presenting Authors may submit one abstract only.
  • *Note, only participants who submit both an abstract word doc. AND an abstract video pitch will be considered for the Oral and Poster awards.

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: March 21st by 5 p.m.


Create your Abstract Video Pitch:

  • All participants must submit a short 3-5 minute video. Videos must be created in Microsoft Stream, see instructions below. Plan to cover background, rationale, methods, results, and conclusion. *Note: You may choose video or audio-only (voice-over with Powerpoint) both are acceptable.
  • How to submit your Abstract Video Pitch:
    1. Add the URL to your video pitch to the top of your Abstract Word Document submission. (Preferred Method)
    2. Email your Video URL to
    • Please note, while the Abstract Video Pitch may be submitted separately from your Abstract Word Document the deadline is March 21, 2022 and only participants with BOTH an abstract word doc. AND an abstract video pitch submission will be considered for the Oral Presenter and Poster awards.

Abstract Video Pitch DEADLINE: March 21st by 5 p.m. 



Research Symposium Abstract Submission Form

If you feel that you don't belong in one of the listed categories, please select the one you feel is the closest fit and contact us.

Please refrain from using all capital letters. Abstracts should be clear and concise. MUST BE attached as a WORD DOCUMENT and no more than one page in length.

The ABSTRACT MUST BE IN MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your form. Note that your poster location and judging time slot will be sent to you the week prior to the Research Symposium.