Employee Spotlight – Chloe Cooper, Employee of the Quarter Winner for Q2, FY21

January 25, 2021
Chloe Cooper spotlight

Today, we want to recognize Chloe Cooper, Program Assistant, in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Chloe Cooper diligently works to improve the program structure and is an invaluable team member. She is a vital part of General Internal Medicine's administrative team, and we are proud to have Chloe in the Department of Medicine!

Key Attributes:

Chloe Cooper is the newest member of the Health Services Research group of the Division of GIM. She stepped into her role as program assistant less than 2 years ago.

In that time, she quickly took over the main data manager role for a large statewide diabetes and hypertension program. She worked closely with colleague Justin Marsden to develop and implement a relationship dataset (Microsoft Access) to keep track of over 1,000 patients across the state of SC.

Despite the short time she has been involved in the program, she is able to troubleshoot issues with data storage, analysis, and management.

She diligently works to improve the program structure in ways that will afford improved clinical care and long-term improvement in data structure systems.

She has tremendous organizational skills that allow her to keep on top of many different projects, maintaining deadlines.

She is truly an invaluable team member who allows others around her to succeed.

She completes all of this work with a bright smile and eager spirit. She never shirks from work or suggests something cannot be done. When a researcher's proposal is not feasible with current data, she offers alternative strategies.

Chloe has been a wonderful addition to the GIM HSRP team.